Find out where to find the artifacts for Tarana, one of the challenges just activated today that coincides with the arrival of Velociraptors in Fortnite with update 16.10.

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Fortnite received the update today at 16:00 and with it the velociraptors arrived (we already told you where the dinosaurs are in the game and how to tame them). But that wasn’t the only new thing activated today. The mission Collect artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite Season 6 it is also surprisingly activated.

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So if you are wondering how to complete this mission and where are taranas artifacts in fortnite season 6, You are in the right place because here we give you all the guidelines from the beginning of the mission (the point where Tarana is) to each artifact so that you can complete the new mission quickly and easily. challenge of Fourteen days.

For that we give you the Location of all Tarana Artifacts in Fortnite Season 6 for you to complete mission 3 this week without wasting much time and quickly earn a whopping 60,000 XP…

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Where are Tarana’s artifacts in Fortnite Season 6 Week 3

To complete this Week 6 Season 3 Fortnite mission, you need to search for three artifacts, but first you need to know where is tarana Well you will find it there Caravela Citadel. It moves around and isn’t always in a fixed place…but it’s easy to find. When you’re done, talk to her and choose the first option to start the mission and get ready to find the three artifacts.

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Tarana Artifact 1 in Fortnite Season 6

In the northwesternmost building of Ciudadela Caravela. On the ground floor, behind a counter.

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Tarana’s Artifact 2 in Fortnite Season 6

You can find it in the south watchtower under the stairs.

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Arfacto de Tarana 3 in Fortnite Season 6

In the gas station’s small compartment, open the door and you’ll find it in the corner.

Afterwards, return to Tarana to talk to her again and complete the mission. So you know where are taranas artifacts in fortnite season 6. We recommend checking out guides like Fortnite Week 1 Season 6: How to Complete All Missions, Week 2 Challenges, Best Place to Hunt Animals, Fast Leveling in Fortnite Season 6, All Common Missions (Blue) and what they do on Fast raises everything that includes Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, the mythical weapons and bosses, how to get the multi-jump boots, where to find the gold pieces through the needle, and Season 6 tricks and secrets.