Fortnite kicks off the World Cup in Qatar 2022


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As expected, Fortnite He has everything ready and prepared for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022. The world will grind to a halt from Sunday, November 20, when Ecuador and Qatar get the ball rolling in the opening game, and the island will celebrate intensely.

After the macro event during Russia 2018, there are many unknowns surrounding this Qatar 2022 World Cup event in Fortnite. But for now, Epic Games’ battle royale kicks off with the announcement of some of the content we’ll have next week.

The store will be repainted with the passion of the king of sport, especially thanks to his new put skin ‘Show them your passion’, where it’s not football aspects this time, but put us in the shoes of the fans. Ten suits inspired by the most important teams such as Spain, Argentina or England, which can be customized with different patterns and colours.

Likewise, new elements with the skins will be in store from November 22 at sunrise. And another series of that same afternoon thematic challenges which will allow us to earn quite a few rewards that will give us a boost for the battle pass and the additional rewards.

A great event that will help convert surprise ending of chapter 3and overshadowing the vast halo of mystery already created around all that lies ahead for Chapter 4, such as the new island and the new mechanics that will come as the lore of Fortnite.

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