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Fortnite changes name to Tilted Floors at the gates of Chapter 4

The announcement of the Breach as the main axis of the end of Chapter 3 – Season 4 of Fortnite It’s the beginning of the end of the map as we know it today, but this style closure of the FNCS Invitational 2022 with the details of the new event also changes the concept of the map with the appearance of chrome in the central area, Tilted Floors customize enough How to change the name.

Pisos Picados ceases to exist Fortnite. Any ride on the famous bus to the central part of the island will see that the central area now has a different nomenclature as it is now called Silver Flats, another nod to the chrome transformation of the map that will no doubt be essential in the progression of the events towards the end of the chapter.

The name change is just one of many details that will appear on the map for the final event of the season, but the truth is that it’s another link in the story over the past few weeks with the included elevation of the famous building of the clock as has happened with so many other buildings on the island.

This change comes with many others in the 10:40 PM update cycle with a long list of new features, accessories, and cosmetics, but without a doubt, the most important item discovered by data miners is the appearance of an encrypted file of almost 800 MB that is sent to the next event references season finale, the ultimate split with the chrome card.

For now the only link to the update is the new map and the inclusion of an item called Radish running as the keyword of what the Fracture event will be, a blue backpack that wants to be an upcoming reward in-game for those who are in the last event. If we add to that the explosion of chromium, even in the lobby, everything points to a global eruption on December 3.

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