What will be the new Fortnite mechanics for Chapter 4?


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One of the greatest wishes of the community of Fortnite As the months pass, he is behind the start of a new season and above all a chapter, a chance to reboot the style, pursue new goals and decipher mysteries with the renewal of dynamics such as the playable mechanics of the character to the model from December 4.

The breadth of novelties in the launch of a new chapter of Fortnite brings a huge backpack of hype with the new map, skins, objects and weapons, but the main change at the start is usually the playable mechanics included from the first chapter with the ability to walk and crouch, but especially in the second chapter with the appearance of swimming, a ground to arouse expectations.

Over the months that became chapter 3 with the addition of the slide, and now a question is starting to be generated to know if Epic Games will be able to Fortnite to put a new spin on the mechanics to include one relevant enough to the game once the Fracture ends.

Now that should change completely with the addition of a new skill attractive enough to be effective in a kind of games as frantic as those of Fortnite, and some possibilities begin to sound. Climbing is one of the most interesting for all that it entails in the Epic Games game, although it would be difficult to measure.

As of today, there are thousands of options on the island to jump or climb easily thanks to construction, so incorporating climbing would only be interesting in a game concept like non-build mode. Another viable option would be to include only climbing to hide in trees, an alternative to bushes with a much more interesting viewing space.

Another alternative is to include some sort of falling motion to avoid losing so much life on landing, something interesting that might be more fitting for an object but can’t be ruled out as it’s similar in concept to sliding.

A utopia would be to include the first person mode as if we were jumping into a COD instead of the map of Fortnitebut the theories are starting to move as an additional opportunity to focus Chapter 4 with enthusiasm.

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