Fortnite reopens the lightsaber debate: could it be spikes one day?


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Long ago, on an island far, far away, Fortnite he became fully involved in the first of his major events from Star Wars. And ever since, every time the island receives a visit from the Empire or the Galactic Republic, a perpetual debate ensues over the lightsabers.

We nostalgics might prefer to call ourselves lightsabers, but whatever you call us (laser swords, lightsabers…) any return of this element to Fortnite He does it controversially. And not because at the level of the game experience they are broken or need balance, which they are, although they are easily countered, but because of their own use themselves.

Season 1 of Chapter 2 was running when they first appeared, for Christmas 2019, coinciding with the premiere of Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Three years have passed since then, and either for Christmas as a souvenir, or for “May 4th”, the return of lightsabers leaves almost no player indifferent. Fortnite.

Does it really have to be just weapons? As such they are spectacular and give a great game. Be able to defeat a rival with swords in a hurry for every follower of Star Warsas well as the launch of a Kame-Hame Ha for lovers of Dragon Ball. But many wish they had another use.

The reality is that they are a temporary element, returning only when Fortnite thinks it appropriate. Although many would like to, such as other elements or canes Star Wars, lightsabers were a harvesting tool (or pickaxe) and not a weapon as suchand that’s why it was another collectible item to have in the collection as the perfect complement to our Luke Skywalker, Rey or Darth Vader skin.

A controversy that continues in the community, as it seems that the Epic Games team is clear lightsabers will never be spikesor at least not until the story of one’s own Fortnite stand against it, without confusion for the players, accustomed in these three years to use them as a fantastic offensive and defensive weapon.

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