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Fortnite FNCS Invitational standings after day 1

Fortnite’s FNCS Invitational 2022 leaves a hail of bullets in a return to a competitive World Cup with the duos in all-out European dominance in the first of two days of clashes, six matches in which Queasy and Veno place themselves at the top of the leaderboard after adding 28 eliminations to position themselves as the clear favorites for the title.

The World Cup first link leaves a planned check of Europe with the top 3 of the standings where Queasy and Veno surprise after sneaking into the top 5 four of six matches, a perfect place to dream of the world title in this face-to-face where only North America and Brazil are featured in the top 10 with a few duos.

In this shortlist of fighting duos, Kami and Settyz also stand out in third place overall, and they are the only ones to have two royal victories on the first day, an authentic madness that takes them very close to the top positions, increasing them the confrontation straight. Here’s the top 10:

  • 1st: Queasy and Veno (184 points)
  • 2nd: Thomas and Trippern (177 points)
  • 3rd: Kami and Settyz 8 (174 points)
  • 4th: Acorn and Edgey (139 points)
  • 5th: Joefn and zAndy (135 points)
  • 6th: xeat and KBR: (129 points)
  • 7th: Larson and Lettuce (128 points)
  • 8th: Cold and Centered (125 points)
  • 9th: vico and merijn (122 points)
  • 10th: Fatch and PsMstou (122 points)

From there, the standings are very even in the lower mid-zone and one of the major disappointments of the tournament lies in the focus of Mero and Bugha, and that is that the duo of who was the big winner of the first face-in in the World Cup Fortnite in 2019 is ranked 37th with only 56 points and four eliminations on the six maps, a really bad stat for how well they competed in the FNCS Invitational 2022.

In fact, during the first day they only made it into the top 10 once in the second game, and there they got two out of four eliminations, so they are very far both in terms of level and in a position to be in the top zone after surpassing half of the World Cup. This afternoon the schedules of day 1 will be maintained, Here you can see the official streamings in Spanish to follow the match.

  • Spain: 8:30 in the evening. (Canary Islands: 7.30 pm)
  • Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador: 1:30 PM
  • Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama: 2:30 p.m.
  • Bolivia, Cuba, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Chile: 3.30 pm
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 4:30 in the afternoon.

Source esports: eldes marque


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