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Fortnite: Kami vs Veno, the most epic moment of the FNCS Finals

It was the moment of truth during the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Invitational 2022. After an intense first day, things seemed pretty settled for some of the World Cup lead Veno and Queasy, and the script was repeated in the Grand Finals until the Kami’s madness in the last game.

Queasy and Veno continued to dominate, reaching Top 1 for 11 brilliant games. But the duo of Settyz 8 and Kami pushed from third, alternating with second and chasing a lead that seemed unlikely. Until everything changed start of the game, one of the most epic of a World Cup final like this one.

After those 11 games, they lost the lead and had to force the madness. The game started and they tracked each other down to land at the gas station north of Hot Reels, and that’s where chaos broke out as Queasy quickly took down Settyz and Kami did the same to him, making everything go in a jiffy. 1v1 heart attack between Kami and Veno. Top 1 and Top 2 facing the whole game ahead.

Kami took a hard first shot for 96 health from the power shotgun, but he got crafty with his evochromed shotgun and landed two guys who threw Veno to the ground, took out the duo and guaranteed themselves this 2022 FNCS Invitational. The ecstasy of some and the collapse of others in a truly epic beginning.

Kami and Settyz 8 got along so well $200,000 first prize, though not unimportant is the $140,000 silver medal that left Veno and Queasy dejected after everything they’d accomplished in the previous 11 games. But they can be proud to be protagonists of a moment when the followers of Fortnite They will take time to forget.

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