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Fortnite sets a time limit to get Goku and Vegeta skins

these two weeks in Fortnite with the event of Dragon Ball They were great, but all good things come to an end. And this Monday, August 29, is especially black for many returning from vacation, either to prepare for college or go back to work.

To top it all off, it’s also the Monday of the end of this event from Dragon Ball, who only have a few hours left until this Tuesday, August 30 at approximately 7:00 AM. CEST (Spanish time in the peninsula), let’s say goodbye to all this quest for the dragon balls.

to everything? No. Well, in theory and taking advantage of the fact that the current season of Fortnitemost likely the kamehameha stay with the clouds Kintonunless the Epic Games team decides to change one of last week’s 11 weekly missions that challenged us to make eliminations with this kamehameha.

But if what you wanted was power? get Goku, Vegeta, Beerus or Bulma skins, taking advantage of the fact that you may have been able to get some extra paVos with the rise in levels, because the time we have for it is even shorter. Since the store Fortnite will be reset to the usual time, which will be several hours before the end of the event. Dragon Ball.

Specifically, he only has 12 hours left at the time of writing, which roughly coincides with 02:00 AM. CEST (peninsula time of Spain). An early start this Tuesday that will be a before and after for many.

Of course, it’s surprising that the store lasts 24 hours longer and plays with that extra timing of the event. In that case, it would end at the same time, but on Wednesday, August 31. Although if you’re waiting at the last minute to buy one of these skins, it’s better not to risk that there won’t be an expansion for the store.

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