The clues confirm Hulkbuster in the next Fortnite x Marvel


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the denomination Fortnite x Marvel features one of Epic Games’ most interesting legacies in the universe of its Batte Royale, a crusade with thousands of collaborations that lingers over the months, from the injection of new characters to ways to traverse universes, which is exactly where the clues come from to suggest Hulkbuster as one of the next to appear as a playable skin.

The clash of worlds in Fortnite x Marvel goes way beyond video games and launched on June 8 the series of five ‘Conflict Zero’ comicsa comic inspired by the universe created in the game with five volumes divided by dates that includes an exclusive skin with every purchase… and is the beginning of new clues for what will come on the map.

In anticipation of the two new parts on August 31 and September 28, the first details of the comic reveal a crossover story between superheroes and the clash of worlds to discover the zero fragment, but beyond the characters featured in the vignettes with skin in the game are discovered are details that leave future winks.

Hulkbuster is one of those featured in those comics, and according to HYPEX, one of the specialists in leaks on the Epic Games title, that will translate into an in-game skin sooner rather than later, as a new one has been discovered from the inside out. mech is in the making that can shoot, sprint and block. The bills are ready.

The comics are another detail to extend a years-long open collaboration that will remain in the skins and in the comics for now, both in the physical and digital versions, an extra to get skins and at the same time contain additional stories that extend the story make your own Fortnite.

Source esports: eldes marque


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