Fortnite knows no limits, the impossible week and the Lord of the Rings?


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The audiovisual ecosystem, sports and even from the video game universe itself has been established in the video game mainstream for a few years now. Fortnite as support to make a launch, a brand or a character something bigger, and this last week is the biggest possible example to imagine that the limits have no cap in battle royale after leaving three top collaborations in seven days, such as from Dragon Ball , Mahomes and lot 2…and don’t drop a few rings along the way.

The excellence of Fortnite With the passage of the seasons, it has an enviable merit in managing a map that has been modified in detail with thousands of updates depending on the pass, but beyond the structure or mechanics of the ecosystem, Epic Games’ strength lies in knowing how to maintain interest with a constant rain of giant collaborations that multiply over time.

Beef Fortnite based on brands to the point of featuring characters such as Naruto, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Thanos, Batman or Vegeta, depending on the moment, is inappropriate for a video game and especially for an industry struggling to navigate the cross- moving on, therefore, this week is especially historic for Epic Games because of its three achievements.

  • August 16: Dragon Ball
  • August 22 – Patrick Mahomes (NFL)
  • August 23: Lot 2

Introducing one of the most highly regarded manga and anime in history along with today’s nearly franchise player in the NFL and a video game like lot 2 It’s the culmination of an orbit that’s been preserved over time, but most interestingly, the leaks point to particularly powerful brands for a few days.

With the premiere of the rings of power on September 2 on Amazon Prime Video, rumors have multiplied by crossing some filtration with the possible appearance of characters from The Lord of the Rings in the game, not to mention the leaks regarding demise or Family man for the month of September. Nowadays, any name is possible, because what hasn’t happened yet in Fortnite in the long run it is impossible to guess.

Source esports: eldes marque


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