Thanos returns to Fortnite in another Avengers event


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In Fortnite continues the quest for the dragon balls thanks to the great event Dragon Ball that we live in the battle royale of Epic Games. But we already know that it doesn’t stop there. There is no pause and rest on the island, even when 100 opponents have enough adrenaline in each game.

And it is that apart from the future collaborations that are expected, such as that of demiseor a batch of skins from lot 2‘s internal files Fortnite They’re already revealing what could be one of the game’s short-term events. The return of one of the ways that broke him the most in his time. A great success thanks to the perfect timing of the premiere of his films.

After several years, the infinity gems have been reactivated, receive updates to make a series of adjustments. A balance to adapt them to today’s mechanics and gameplay. What does that mean thanos is back despite Tony’s snap and sacrifice.

This has been announced by several creators and data miners, such as: HYPEX. So maybe by the next patch of Fortnite which should arrive in mid-September, we can get the surprise of a new event from avengersor at least, the return of a Thanos whose gauntlet sparked huge expectations.

Colossal powers that take advantage of the power of gems, with the price indicated on the map and everyone goes for you. Of course, for this return, everything could change and that the new mode is different from what we knew in 2018 from the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War.

Source esports: eldes marque


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