Fortnite: how long do the Dragon Ball missions last? Date and time


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The event of Dragon Ball in Fortnite It’s one of the best things that’s happened for the Battle Royale in a long time. A perfect combination between small changes in the map, attractive challenges and brutal gameplay, which only brings out countless feelings in us, the players.

Besides the beautiful sides of course, because win a game with Goku or Vegeta’s skin It was something many had wanted for years. And now we can, if only we allocate a few of those paVos that we had been saving.

But there are also some free rewards, such as a few sprays, a few emotes, several battle pass level ups for those who need a boost to level 100 or 200, and several highly motivating Ki-charge emotes. But maybe there isn’t one like the shenron dragon hang glider who waits at the end of the road.

A challenge consisting of: find the seven dragon ballsand while we don’t have to physically look for them on the map (which would have been great), it does force us to put in the effort for the special missions of Dragon Ball. And if we don’t have much time to play Fortnite These days, we’d better forget about the cool weeklies.

And it is that while many may have already completed them, for the vast majority this is not the case. An event that started a week ago, and that it will end exactly in a week. With the deadline date and time marked for 07:00 CEST next Tuesday, August 30 (peninsula time of Spain).

Fortunately, it is not necessary to complete all the missions at once to get the dragon ball, although we may not have enough experience for the rest of the rewards. However, if we are low, we can get the divine dragon and fulfill our wish.

Source esports: eldes marque


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