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Volta in FIFA 20, opinions after first contact.

Catch the ball in your field, make a hat to get the ball over a defender, accelerate a bit and prepare the ball for a possible goal shot. Defenses are placed in front of you to try and stop them, but what you do is take advantage of a gap with a high pass, not via the defense but by shooting at the wall and fielding them to the other side send. take care of the exit for pleasure.

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A Soccer much more agile and fun played in a small space, with fewer players and more chances to score. That’s it VoltaThe return to the street King’s branch reports that ‘FIFA 20’ wants to return to the players seven years after the last ‘FIFA Street’.

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It’s not FIFA Street, it’s Volta

It is difficult to understand the lack of continuity that the street football from the saga of EA. After four episodes of realistic and cartoon versions of the show, with cracks performing miracles with the ball, football’s most evil face faded into the background, whose return was demanded by the community more than once.

Now that we are aware of the complexity of returning year after year with news of interest to the public, “FIFA 20” total Volta to his mix to try and get that spirit back. It does this not as an isolated game, but as part of the large catalog of modes and ideas that complement the classic side of the game. “FIFA” 11 vs 11 and the goose that lays the golden eggs of Fifa Ultimate Team.

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This also means that the differences between one mode and another are much smaller. That this is not ‘fifa street’something they had to take care of several times during the presentation “FIFA 20” with a mode that mimics that style, with several key points to make a difference.

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The essence of how the game feels to control is ultimately exactly the same as in a “FIFA” normal, but with the peculiarity that here the rooms are much smaller and the inertia of 11 other players over 100 meters is less noticeable.

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My collision with the rhythm of “FIFA 20” In Volta, this is completely abandoned, which gives a good idea of ​​how much the game can change from one mode to another despite the same mood and control system. I would say Volta is the typical idea that can sell me the full game, although I don’t really like everything else, but can the buzz last longer than a month is probably the question that comes to my mind the most.

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Walls as maximum exponent

The big change that Volta introduces is not in the game itself, but in its environment and how it affects gameplay. places like Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​​​London or Tokyo They introduce us to futsal fields with street aesthetics or sports centers where we can play with different variations. There is the three against three, the four against four, the five against five. All with or without a goalkeeper.

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But the main thing is in another choice when you play the game with or without walls. By activating it, it not only limits some rules reduced to mistakes, forget about offside, kick-in and corner kick, but also generates other possibilities and strategies to sneak the ball into the goal.

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Playing with this ability is hilarious, throwing passes into the hole that bounce off the wall or turning the ball from one side of the field to the other, as in the goal we mentioned at the beginning of the text with the same name. The simple idea of ​​adding another corner instead of limiting ourselves with another player to the wall or the straight line arises much more game than meets the eye on paper.

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You may think that the delicate becomes a big part of the grace, and yes, standing on all fours and hitting your head has its grace, but they are never more protagonists than an exciting dribble in a ” FIFA” – Normal.

Volta in FIFA 20, opinions after first contact

The result is realistic animations that are far removed from the special effects of ‘FIFA Street 3’ that players are used to “FIFA” He will continue to dominate the game in the same way, and with a little caramel, the rookie can use the madness of the rebounds to try to push his luck.

Tournaments, competitions and a custom travel mode

With vanity as flag, in Volta Everything seems to revolve around the punches you can add to your characters and equipment. Playing alone or online we have a great sense of progression, we can customize our outfit to the point of exhaustion and give it a personality that ends up going beyond the obvious.

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With designs that we can get based on Volta coins and challenges, the grace is that once a match is won, we can “draw” for our team instead of giving us more excitement. This means that a player created by us can play on multiple teams and cross paths with him in the long run as his fame reaches unimaginable heights.

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Reported as a yielding road mixed teams, the player and stadium cucamonadas are just as commonplace as in the new FUT, but we can also choose to play quick matches with one of the big teams in the game. However, it will be those in the community who will go through the three options it presents Volta.

To the online competitions, where each match is played with the rules and the approach of the respective player – for example three against three without a goalkeeper on a cage field – an offline mode is added with a world map that aims to guide us through different cities in tournament format.

However, the star lies in adjustment mode travel to the properties of Volta. A story mode with cutscenes where we can follow the evolution of the character we create, and this is another reason to sell Volta as a mode that is varied and complete enough to just get to that part of the game . “FIFA 20”.

Whether the novelty carries enough weight to keep the game alive for an entire year remains to be seen in the absence of rigorous testing. However, this cannot be denied EA put all the meat on the grill to make it happen and gave Volta his own entity makes ‘FIFA 20’ a little more palatable for the doubters.

Volta in FIFA 20, opinions after first contact