Of course, every year soccer is also the focus of EA SPORTS’ flagship game called FIFA. The new part with the number 22 was scheduled and published almost a month ago.

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In our test, we reveal what innovations players can expect in FIFA 22 and why they might regret not playing on PS5 or Xbox One X/S.

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light on the horizon

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EA has already indicated in advance that in this year’s PC version you can expect more realistic ball physics, but also improved goalkeepers and new sprinting abilities, which we can also confirm.

FIFA 22 still plays damn well and generally guarantees action-packed and varied gameplay. Because the offensive offers such great options as “player determination” or “creative runs”. But even with “agile dribbles” some player from the other team still gets dizzy.

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The overall speed of the game can be considered slightly slower than its predecessor. Before you think this will be negative, let me tell you that it is not. As it is good for the game, the game is closer to reality. The athlete looks lethargic due to the delayed game, but the gifted sprinters in the first few meters ensure more speed over the wings. As in a real football game and in reality, the offensive also has a clear advantage in FIFA 22 and seems to be clearly better than a defense (again). Although the stars of the football world are more likely to be found in attacking football, it is not surprising that there will be no defensive fortress, but a shooting festival.

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But if you’re thinking now that the defense is doomed, nothing has improved, let me tell you, that’s not the case. Because an “Icon Switch” ensures a better gaming experience. By pressing the right analog stick, the four best positioned players will appear along with direction icons that we can switch to in a flash by selecting the direction. At first you will find it a bit unfamiliar, even quite problematic, but in time you won’t want to be without it.

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Another good option is the Teammate Gives Stamina option. Pressing the RB button can bond teammates to an opponent like gum. But caution is advised, because due to the new stamina, this is not infinitely possible and leads to the exhaustion of the athlete, who is then literally disabled for a few seconds for this action and cannot intervene in the game.

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There was also a lot happening on the goalkeeping front. Although the control in the penalty area did not reach Toni Schumacher, it still leaves a lot to be desired and you should not expect it. But the athletes’ lines seem to have improved a lot. Whether it’s defending the ball over the crossbar or angling out of the corners, it’s been vastly improved. Because better animations with the big names in the industry are definitely worth noting, just like with the real model.

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Volta looks refreshed

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Volta, FIFA street soccer gets something new. Your own avatar can do more from the start. Play with your friends encourages online play with friends. Here you can compete against up to four players in mini-games. Whether you’re dribbling across the field or playing a mini-game that’s almost like soccer-tennis. It offers variety and you can have fun with friends. On the negative side, the Volta story has been omitted, which hurts a bit especially for some players.

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The career mode

Real innovations are rare here and bland food was almost to be expected. You can create your own dream club. Whether name, team jersey or coat of arms. Many parameters are presented, including the stadium, which is adjusted or defined along with the league.

In the further course of the game, you can improve a self-created player with almost 30 “perks” in a skill tree. It will be activated automatically during the game when you have fulfilled the conditions. In this way, the athlete’s own values ​​are briefly driven, depending on whether one acts as an offensive or defensive player.

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It depends on how you start your career. It doesn’t matter if you are a player with a focus on coaching, a superstar or a self-made footballer. If necessary, you can also intervene in the simulation on the playing field, for example with a birth game.

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Two things that are new are worth noting. One of them is a kind of wild option, when you can replace your own player from the bench. But the new scenes from the locker room after the match are welcome as a nice change, but they don’t shine in graphic splendor.

You are almost overwhelmed with statistics like in a manager game and can analyze them. A display of “Expected Goals” gives us an indication of whether we used the opportunity well or badly.

Very popular and damn expensive: FUT

EA’s pay-to-win cash cow, Ultimate Team mode, is of course also up for grabs this year. Why not? Because trading card team building and online game mode are very popular among gamers, but much feared by their wallets.

In the past, startups also struggled to find their way. That’s why tutorials provide the necessary solution.

You start with a group of cucumbers and earn the necessary virtual currency through games or invest real money. With this currency you buy virtual card packs in the hope of attracting good (gold) players for your own dream team. It is necessary to be able to compete online at all.

Of course, there are no limits to your own investment. With any luck, you’ve got a pretty powerful 80s team together. Deviations above 90 are very rare and encourage investment, which many people do.

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You can use the internal FUT transfer market to improve your team. After the game store there is nothing new to say so far and should be familiar to many. You draw your new card packs as usual for FUT points or FIFA points, which are available for real money. You pay 7500 FUT points for a pack of cards, which you can pay after a few matches. Or you can pay with real money and invest. 100 FIFA points cost 99 cents. A “Premium Gold Pack” costs no less than €1.50, which at first glance does not seem like much and literally invites you to spend money. Under the “Playtime” tab, you can see how much time you have invested and how many FIFA points you have collected.

Checkpoints have been introduced in Division Rivals mode to help in the event of a loss, and Find a public co-op player helps as well. With the latter you don’t have to compete with your own team and this leads to more relaxed matches at eye level.

If you want to aim high, you should of course feel at home at the FUT Champions. It ends with the final this weekend and offers bonuses. The design of the VIP area and the choreos behind the home team goalkeeper are new.

Now it’s time to complain

You won’t find any real innovations or game modes this year (again) and women should still feel disadvantaged, and rightfully so! As a result, we see the loss of more and more licenses for the national men’s teams, but also for example for the top clubs in the Italian league. The national women’s teams, on the other hand, are barely growing, which is a shame and also looks outdated. After all, women’s football has (further) developed enormously, to which our kickers from the German national team have also contributed and continue to contribute, of course also at national level.

It can make you jealous if you watch the competition or see what happens graphically in games of another sport, such as basketball and the NBA 2K series. PC has been stagnant in many ways for years, and with next-gen consoles and HyperMotion in mind, PC gamers have been hit particularly hard this year. Are we now in a class community with two players?

For PC players, FIFA is far surpassed graphically when you look at the rather pale players and compare their authenticity to the original. On the next generation consoles, there is a different feel in this regard thanks to the HyperMotion magic words and the immersive Gameday Experience feature. For example, the PC player has to do without thousands of new animations, better AI behavior, more human interactions and improved duels. It is simply withheld from PC players because if EA introduced it, the minimum requirements would have been increased and a large part of the players would not have enjoyed the football game. Other manufacturers may solve the downgrade problem differently and the Frostbite Engine can certainly be described as scalable.

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