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Epic Games has now offered Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which it mistakenly distributed and recovered for free, for pre-order for TL 1 million.

Epic Games recently had an interesting event. There are people who remember; platform, which has not yet been released Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League He distributed the game for free due to a mistake. Epic Games took action after understanding the incident, The game he accidentally made freeremoved from players’ libraries.

Now Epic Games is back on the agenda with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This time the company changed the price of the game. It’s actually not surprising that the price of a game changes. However, at the new offer price from Epic Games It is a strange situation.

The price of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is 999 thousand 999 TL!

If we visit the official website of Epic Games, we will see the price of the game. 999 thousand 999 TL We see that this is so. When we clicked the “Pre-Buy Now” option, which allowed us to pre-order the game, we saw that we couldn’t open the game page. Epic Games issued a warning stating that the game is not available in the region. inactive there stands that.

Epic games

This content is currently not available on your platform or in your region.

The game is not available for pre-order in our country. Therefore, the price essentially acts as a placeholder. Still, Epic Games seems to have found it more logical to give the game 1 million TL and say “Buy it if you can” instead of saying “It’s inaccessible anyway” and making it free.

What happened in the past?

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