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The first female character in the highly anticipated GTA 6 is reportedly having a baby! (Contains spoilers)

We look forward to playing The main character of GTA 6, According to rumors “Lucia” A woman will be mentioned and this woman will have a baby. Since last year this rumor It was floating around, but the accusations made gamers even more curious.

Last year a lot of things were leaked about GTA 6, the release of which we were eagerly awaiting. In the game according to leaks named Lucia and Jason There will be two characters and Lucia will appear in GTA history. first female character will be listed as.

However, the allegations against the main character are not limited to that.

A leak from Rockstar Universe reveals that Lucia’s baby is actually It will affect the game story say. So Lucia actually has a baby in previous GTA games, and we can see this baby grow up in GTA 6. At least according to rumors.

Leakage from the Rockstar universe, Shared on Reddit. However, the fact that this leak was shared on Reddit is causing gaming fans to approach this claim more cautiously. Because leaks about the game, which are highly anticipated, can spoil the fun of the players.

We can see the full version of this claim in a post published on X.

“We knew from previous reports from 2018 that Rockstar would introduce a female main character for the first time in a GTA game, but it was still unclear whether this was true or not. When leaks emerged in 2022, many videos showed a man and a female character controlling each other, with ‘Jason’. There seemed to be a reference to ‘Lucia’. A number of other reports have also supported that they will be playable main characters, with a story focusing on heists and a Bonny & Clyde style story. Internal sources have also confirmed that Lucia has a child who appears in the game’s story. This is a first for GTA A and that children in the game (who are old enough) should be stopped from getting involved in things they shouldn’t… Jimmy… However, it is believed that Lucia’s child is much younger and is just an intermediate child, similar to Jack Marston’s situation in RDR 1 and 2 who appears in scenes.

According to another leak, Lucia is also involved in not so good things.

“I was surprised by my source when I was told that Lucia had a baby, which she left in a deli before committing a bank robbery and later being arrested for such an act. It is unknown whether the baby is a boy or a girl. , and obviously there will be no children involved, this is just a flashback in a cutscene. “It’s happening as a throwback, I have no information about what will happen to this baby from now on. A few years later, Lucia is released on parole, is caught in prison by Jason, who plans to commit a robbery with her, and after a while they fall in love. Most of the mission planning takes place in a shop called “The Vault”. in a nightclub. In the first mission of the game, you control Jason and must track the plane that is about to land and has a Russian drug dealer on board. Apparently Jason meets this guy and starts planning a mission to steal drugs. In this drug On a stealing mission they are chased by the police and “The drug falls into the ocean. There is a mission where they have to dive into the ocean to retrieve it.”

According to this rumor, we won’t see a baby in the game, as the baby in question will likely have been born in previous games and raised in GTA 6. Grand Theft Auto, He had previously included child characters in his plays, but they appeared very rarely.

Rockstar games, Promotional trailer for GTA 6 He confirmed that it will be released in December. An exact date has not yet been given, but it is possible that these leaks will be confirmed with the trailer to be released. how true it is We can even learn a little.

Source: Web Tekno


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