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Remastered version of The Last of Us Part 2 announced (the game was released in 2020)

After the first game we can describe it as revolutionary The Last of Us Part 2, showed how much love Sony puts into exclusive games. With its realistic graphics, weapon mechanics, stealth, storytelling and environment, The Last of Part 2 continually proves itself to be a masterpiece.

Frankly, the game is still fun to play and offers a visual experience far above the current average graphical level. For this reason you will appreciate it remastered We weren’t sure if anyone was waiting. But bad dog PlayStation 5 Features It looks like he wants to take advantage.

Trailer of The Last of Us Part 2:

According to the company’s official announcement, even if you bought the platinum trophy of The Last of Us Part 2, this new version will give you interesting reasons to play. First of all, this version of the game development process and mechanics It gives you a deeper perspective. Of course, a new mode has also been added to diversify the gameplay.

No return This mode, called (No Return), contains a survival mechanism formed by random events in a new location – in a roguelike format. Before starting the mode, you choose one of the characters, some of which you can experience for the first time throughout the series. during playtime stealth or percussion progression option It’s in your hands. Because events develop randomly, the method you use once will not work in the other scenario.

Of course, there is also a special function for this mode. progression mechanics there is. In the mode in question we have the opportunity to open certain characters and skins for these characters, create your own scenario and compete on the leaderboard.

We loved playing guitar, right?

Joel plays guitar

In the new mode called Free Play you can play the music you play with various unlockable musical instruments. you can personalize will make it possible. The tone of the music played by different characters will also be different.

There will also be behind-the-scenes content for fans of the game.


This way, fans get the chance to see how The Last of Us 2 came together. Moreover, it is added to the game Lost levels (Lost Chapters) contains some features that were removed from the game during development. Of course, since they were removed before reaching the end, it wouldn’t be right to consider them full episodes. Fragments from the development process Let’s think like this. Because in these sections the developers themselves will talk about the game.

What else can be done to this game in terms of graphics?

The Last of Us 2 remastered

TLoU part 2, PlayStation 5 It offers support for 4K output in Fidelity mode and support for 2K resolution adapted to 4K resolution in Performance mode. Drawing distance, shadow quality, animation displays, shorter waiting times and other improved details make the game much more fun and enjoyable than before. Makes it suitable for PS5 will bring.

Speaking of PS5, let’s note that the game will have DualSense support. In other words, features like haptic feedback and adaptive trigger will work with TLoU Part 2: Remastered.

In addition, Speedrun mode, new unlockable skins, photo mode innovations (such as dynamic lighting) and much more will be added to the game.

Pre-orders for the game 5th of December will start on. In addition to the basic version, the metal box version will also be available in some countries – where we are not present. There is no information yet on the price of the game, but those who own the game can upgrade to this version for $10. Except that On January 19, 2024 We know it will come out. What are your expectations from this game?

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