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The best gaming soundtracks of all time, some of which you’ll want to add to your list

If you play a game and something (preferably good) sticks in your mind, then that game attracts you. it influences We can say. This; Sometimes it can be a character, sometimes a scene in the play or the atmosphere of the play. Of course, this does not have to be the only situation. Sometimes the biggest factor that affects you is in the game music in the game it could be.

Even though we don’t realize it much, the music in the game is important to the integrity of the game. of critical importance can deliver. When music is included in the game that matches the atmosphere of the game, the enjoyment we get from the game increases. We also play games for you. most influential We tried to put the music together. If you wish, we can continue with our list without further ado.

Best soundtracks

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Death stranding
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Understory
  • League of Legends
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • DOT 2
  • Need for Speed ​​Underground 2
  • The last of us
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • GTA IV – Soviet Connection
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • EMERGENCY (2016)

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hear the iconic music from Super Mario Bros. can be called ‘timeless’.

Perhaps one of the most played games of all time. MarioNaturally, it also contains one of the most listened to game soundtracks. Even though some people may not like it, it would be disrespectful not to include this legendary music in our list.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Extraction Point came from very valuable hands.

The work signed by Hans Zimmer is an unforgettable play. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2We can say that it perfectly captures the atmosphere of ‘s atmosphere. Of course, the emotions that arise when you hear them in the game are very different.

We have included the goosebumps Arthas My Son from World of Warcraft in the list.

When it comes to MMORPG, it is one of the first games that comes to mind. World of Warcraft, also stands out for its impressive music. We can say that this plays a big role in making players spend more time in the game without getting bored.

Death Stranding’s I’ll Keep Coming almost makes you wonder what Hideo Kojima’s playlist is.

The game, released last year by Hideo Kojima and which attracts players with its atmosphere; Only Pictures but also about music It also won the players’ appreciation.

The Legend of Zelda takes players into the past with its main theme.

One of Nintendo’s most successful games. The Legend of Zeldais known as a game that stands out not only for its world, but also for its music.

It would be impossible not to use Undertale’s song Megalovania, which has been the subject of countless memes.

Lately he has often talked about himself and abroad. chest’ music Undertale – Megalovania, which became the soundtrack, is one of the tunes that changed the mood of the game.

League of Legends, which has invested a lot in its music, shows this again with the song Warriors.

The song prepared by Imagine Dragons for the legendary MMORPG game in 2014. even by those who don’t play the game It made a big impression because of its popularity. We can say that this led to the song gaining a place on our list.

As if “Keep it simple, Mr. Michael.‘ we said, and Michael Hunter acted like his life depended on it: GTA: San Andreas main theme music

With unforgettable music that a generation knows from the spray paint sound at the beginning. San AndreasIt includes all the features we mentioned at the beginning of our article. The game’s music, which is fascinating not only because of the music but also because of the story and gameplay, would not be included in our list.

The music of DOTA 2 sends us back to our internet cafe years.

One of the most complex MMORPG games DOT 2is known as a game that has impressed thousands of players, not only with the game itself, but also with the music. We can say that the game’s main theme music is on many people’s playlists.

As if that 350z would never be taken away from us again… Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm, one of the legendary game soundtracks in which many people had their first riding experience, was released with a completely different atmosphere than the original song. original The doorsThe song sung by for the game Snoop Dogg It was re-recorded with . As a result, we can say that we are left with a great soundtrack that we can pass on to future generations.

Light guitar tones and other relaxing lines of the music make the theme of The Last of Us unique.

According to many PlayStation players, it is one of the best games coming to PlayStation. The last of us, has built a very serious fan base. The groundbreaking game on PlayStation 3 captivated players with its story. Of course, the only point that fascinated the players was not the story of the game, but also the music.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Dovahkiin song gives us goosebumps every time we listen to it.

If you want to not only play games, but also listen to music when launching Skyrim, we can say that you are not alone. Game, dozens of excellent music Even though this music has a completely different point.

What we said for GTA: San Andreas also applies to GTA IV’s Soviet connection.

While the music of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is extremely legendary and iconic, the music of GTA IV Soviet connection the music called, the players over and over again. GTA IVEnough to get started. Therefore, we advise you to be careful while listening.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt song was triggered at the slightest conflict:

First of all, it is worth noting that: we could choose only one piece of music from all the games you see on the list, although it was difficult, but making such a selection from the music of Witcher 3 is difficult. it was not possible. That’s why we leave the OST here for you. Have fun now.

DOOM’s BFG Division song is the kind of song that will accompany your destruction.

As if your adrenaline isn’t high enough when you’re surrounded by dozens of monsters while this music is on… Your adrenaline quotient increases approximately fivefold. We can say. Of course, it is worth noting that this situation is not an obstacle, but rather a help.

With DOOM we have reached the end of our list. What you propose or ‘This should have been on the list too’ If you have any music you like, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to ensure you don’t miss this and similar content.

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