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Microsoft plans to bring PC games to Xbox’s cloud service

Microsoft gave players access to games via the cloud with its service called Xbox Cloud Gaming. This feature, which can be used with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, was unfortunately not available in Turkey.

Internal emails revealed today by The Verge reveal that the tech giant is planning to bring PC games to its cloud service. The emails come from a lawsuit between Microsoft and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the acquisition of Activision.

Microsoft may move PC gaming to the cloud via Azure and competitor GeForce Now

As we said at the beginning, Microsoft has already made cloud gaming possible. Xbox Cloud Gaming Servers, With Series X hardware It works. This ensures that the service is limited to Xbox games only. The documents are also from Microsoft, azure It shows that it wants to bring PC games to Xbox Cloud Gaming using its servers.

The emails, which include CEO Satya Nadella, Xbox president Phil Spencer and cloud gaming chief Kareem Choudry, show that the idea is for the cloud gaming service that Google introduced in 2019. to Stadia showed it appeared as a response. Google will release Stadia in early 2023 because it couldn’t deliver what was expected was closed.

On the other hand, it must be said that Microsoft has recently reduced its efforts in cloud services. The company said Cloud Gaming will support all games through the end of 2022; but this didn’t happen. It was also revealed that there may be a special subscription to the cloud service. Nothing happened here either.

So it’s currently not possible to say anything about moving PC games to the cloud. There is no official statement yet anyway. We’ll wait and see if Microsoft will take such a step. However, if this happens, it can be said that the service will be a direct competitor to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service.

Source: Web Tekno


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