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Some crucial details you probably didn’t notice in Counter-Strike games

Counter Strike has been around for years. number of active players One of the most popular games. Almost all versions released in our country are very popular.

Even though it has been played for years as if there is no tomorrow, it is still true There are details we may be missing.

Let’s talk about these details first. Then we will talk about the stories about the graffiti in the game and some theories about the game.

The place we call Goose on side A of the Dust 2 card is actually a reference to Minh “Gooseman” Le, one of the card’s producers.

Originally the plan was to have more weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Some of these included the ‘SCAR-L’ pistol, which most of us know from games like PUBG and Fortnite, and which can even be found in the logo of CS:GO.

csgo scar-l

The poster of the famous communist revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevera is included in the map ”cs_havana” in CS 1.6.

cs_havana ernesto che guevera

While heading to B through the apartment buildings on the Inferno map in CS:GO, you may encounter the CS 1.0 main menu, which is unlikely to appear and requires attention, on the computer in a room with a cracked door.

csgo easter egg inferno

If you kill every chicken in deathmatch mode in CS:GO, you get +1 point.

csgo deathmatch kill chicken

One of the game’s rarest skins in CS:GO, M4A4 HOWL was a skin that was fairly normally accessible when it was first released.

m4a4 howl factory new

Later the design stolen With the realization of its existence, a new type of skin was introduced into the game, specifically for this skin, so that those who bought the skin would not become victims: illegal.

Dust 2 is the map with the most cars in CS:GO.

csgo dust 2 cars

With the removal of some maps in CS:GO it is impossible to get all the achievements without using cheats.

csgo all achievements

While hostages in CS 1.6 can move independently, in CS:GO you have to carry the hostages on your back.

csgo hosting

If we enter the burning barrel in the area where CTs appear on the cache map in CS:GO, our health will decrease.

If you shoot the bell in the area where T’s spawn on the Inferno map in CS:GO, the bell will make a sound. You can use this to give your friends headaches.

If we throw Flash into the bucket in apartment B on the Mirage map in CS:GO, we won’t go blind.

Did you know where the “no stepping on birds” sign on the train map in CS:GO came from?

This was later added to the game with a patch that came after this bug was removed. sign added.

train sign

Phnatic player ”olofmeister” and his teammates used the card’s mistake during the tournament, surprising all the viewers and even the other team.

The referees then asked for the match to be replayed. However, the Fnatic team stated that they would no longer participate in the match their first Major championship They advanced to the finals where they will live.

For this reason, the viaduct map is called ” in Turkish.It is forbidden to climb over the railing.They added a sign that said.

overpass sign

Graffiti and their stories

Gambit player Dosia, who is behind 3 on 2 in the Gambit and Immortals match, gives a lesson they will never forget to the 2 Immortals players who want to hide their weapons.

This event, which happened later on the Inferno map, by making graffiti is immortalized.

file graffiti

Coldzera captures Liquid players looking to enter the Mirage map from Apartment B in a way they will never forget.

This breathtaking moment was brought to the Mirage card iconic It’s engraved somehow.

coldzera graffiti

There was something the Dignitas players forgot when they planted the bomb and took up a position. Another viaduct and another olofmeister.

This must mean I would die to win the match. To everyone watching speechless This moment was also engraved on the Viaduct Map.

olofmeister graffiti

”s1mple are you serious?”…

Just like your rivals You and I are not in the same league says s1mple, writing his name in gold letters on the cache card.

s1mple graffiti

Fnatic players block the Mid gate with an unusual 4 AWP.

Generally speaking, roles in Counter Strike teams are set to 2 or 1 AWP player and 3 or 4 Rifle users. Phnatic players with the decision they made They must be right, they make Envyus player apEX very disappointed.

This event National map of the Turks This is expressed in Dust 2 as follows:

dust 2 graffiti hd


Is CS:GO set in the Left 4 Dead 2 universe?


We usually play in arms race mode in CS:GO. Lacquer with mapin Links 4 Death 2 Death toll map The similarities to the game do not go unnoticed by the gaming community. The similarities on the map and the fact that many of the weapons are the same are just some of the reasons that have given people this idea. This theory, which is claimed to have taken place in a different time period, actually does It’s not that ridiculous.

While everything was very normal in the Counter Strike era, in the days of Left 4 the world was Dead zombie virus His influence has destroyed every place that was previously decent. Maybe you’ll bridge the gap between CS and L4D2 CS Zombie Mode It can provide. It’s not very unreasonable.

According to another theory, the terrorists in Counter Strike actually want the zombie virus to spread throughout the world. scientists Mercenaries hired by. Terrorists are in conflict with Counter Terrorists wins the war and then the virus spreads all over the world. Then the Counter team starts fighting zombies this time.

counter information

According to another theory, Counters warriors helping peopleterrorists actually you are a bandit and even try to survive One of the characters we played in L4D2 Word is there may be some.

Since there is no statement or information from Valve these are just theories stayed as. But the similarities and events cannot be ignored. As for us players, there is only one thing left to say. Why not?

Are the bots in CS:GO actually boring Valve employees?

bot Connor

Bots in CS:GO literally look like bots sometimes, but sometimes better than a player Maybe you’ve come across it. Sometimes bots can make unimaginable hits and plays. This doesn’t stop some communities from thinking, “I wonder if Valve employees play the bots?”

These are complete out of misconception Even if it is exactly that, it is a very valid reason to get people thinking. But there is no such situation.

Source: Web Tekno


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