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Rockstar Games thanked players as they celebrated the 10th anniversary of GTA V

Since launch millions of users loved and known for its interesting game modes. GTA 5celebrates its 10th anniversary today. Rockstar Games published a special thank you message for the game’s 10th anniversary.

After this thank you message, gamers came to mind: When will GTA 6 be released? The question started to arise. While fans of the game were happy with the congratulatory message, they began to wonder when the next game would be released.

Congratulatory message published by Rockstar Games on its X account (aka Twitter).

“Today, on the official 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V, we would like to thank you, our players, for your incredible support over the years.”

Fans of the game, this thank you and anniversary GTA 6 after the message before release date They started to get excited. Players who want Rockstar Games to announce the release date of the next game can’t wait for GTA 6.

Rockstar Games’ statements made the players very enthusiastic.

Rockstar Games, about two years ago He said they were working on GTA 6. However, after this statement, the game’s producers fell into deep silence. They have not released a trailer for the game, nor announced the release date, nor provided any details about the game’s story.

After this deep silence the players produced all kinds of speculations and various rumors they scattered.

One of the most common are the rumors about a return to Vice City.

According to Gamerfical’s news There are rumors that GTA 6 players will be transported back to Vice City. The adventures of two characters named Jason and Lucia, inspired by the game’s famous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, will be discussed.

Players who are eagerly waiting for the GTA 6 release date announcement are on edge because of these clues and rumors. Rockstar Games It’s a matter of curiosity when GTA 6 will be announced.

Source: Hindustani times, X

Source: Web Tekno


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