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Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Stranger Things VR and more: here are the new meta of virtual reality games presented today

Meta today introduced the highly anticipated latest virtual reality goggles Quest 3. The company’s new goggles and controllers came with brand new features that would provide users with the most realistic experience.

The company’s current virtual reality moves weren’t limited to this. As every year, the technology giant is coming to the Quest platform with a separate event. many VR games also showed. Below are the highlights of this event, which also includes some highly anticipated games.

VR games shown at Meta’s event

Assassin’s Creed Nexus is coming out this year

Perhaps the most notable game at the event is the VR game from Ubisoft’s popular Assassin’s Creed series, which was first introduced last year. Assassin’s Creed Nexus. No trailer for the game was shared during the event; however, some important information has been released.

Accordingly, Assassin’s Creed Nexus, late this year WHERE It will be released for Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2. Fans will have to wait for the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12 for more details.

Stranger Things VR

Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things was known as a VR game. The first images of the game came months ago. A more detailed trailer was shown today at Meta’s event. What we know from last season Vecnas the game where you can experience the Upside Down by replacing the in the fall of 2023 future.

Asgard’s Wrath 2

One of the biggest games Meta showed off today was Asgard’s Wrath 2. The event shared gameplay footage from the production, the sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG Asgard’s Wrath, released in 2019. The images gave us a glimpse of everything, from combat mechanics to puzzles, showing that the game will come with many improvements.

The game has more than 60 hours of story time, In the winter of 2023 will leave.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

The trailer for the popular manga and anime Attack on Titan’s Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable game, which was announced last year, was also shared. The production, which will have both single and paired modes, in the winter months will leave.

Samba de Amigo

Sega brings the beloved game Samba de Amigo to their Quest titles. The production, which will reportedly feature 40 hit songs, will be released in the fall months.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Beasts

Meta shared the story trailer for the VR Ghostbusters game, which she first showed off last year. Inspired by the legendary series, production takes place in San Francisco and you can hunt ghosts with your friends. Game, in the fall will leave.

PowerWash Simulator

The popular washing simulation PowerWash Simulator is also one of the games coming to Quest. The game, which has become very popular due to its calming and satisfying structure, in 2023 It will debut for VR.

NFL Pro era

Also coming this year is the new NFL Pro Era with an American Football theme. Developer StatusPRO says there will be many more improvements than team updates, adding that gamers will see new modes and features in the game. NFL Pro Era focuses even more on the multiplayer mode this time around.

Other games announced by Meta

  • I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the machine
  • Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire
  • racket club
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice
  • Dungeons of Eternity
  • The 7th guest
  • Bullet storm
  • No more rainbows
  • Small Towns
  • Death Game hotel
  • Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game
  • forward
  • Walkabout mini golf
  • Demo battles
  • We are a
  • Arizona sunshine 2

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