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Netflix hires former God of War art director to develop AAA games

Netflix, the world’s most popular online series and movie platform, was launched a few years ago. got into the video game business. While the company has no AAA games to date, the number of mini-games related to original productions is approaching a hundred. Latest news, in the near future Netflix’s first AAA game It is a clear indication that we will meet.

Former art director of God of War at Netflix Rack Grassetti announced that an agreement has been reached between This announcement is a clear indication that Netflix is ​​now almost ready for AAA gaming. Currently free a sturdy staff The company that owns it seems ready to start working on the third-person action role-playing game he’s been dreaming of.

Netflix has made very solid transfers in the past!

While Raf Grassetti is one of Netflix’s biggest transfers, there have been significant hires in the past. In this context; of the Halo series Joe Staten, the number one name, joined Netflix last month. Also Gears 4 and Gears 5 Joseph Staten and Jerry Edsall from his team, also with 30 years of industry experience, God of War, Heavy Gear and unexpected Chacko Sonny, who works for games like Netflix, will now continue to work for Netflix.

In the meantime; Netflix’s work in the video game world isn’t just about casual games. Mike Verdu, a senior executive in Netflix’s gaming division, cloud gaming platform They said they wanted to do it. It is not known whether this project will come true. As a result, the gaming platform was launched with great expectations Google Stadiadoes not like and that you close mustn’t forget…

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