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Early registration period for Undawn, the new mobile/PC game starring Will Smith: exclusive prizes up for grabs!

Players who want to take a breath of fresh air in open world survival games will have this breath very soon. Level Infinite, who previously released V Rising, PUBG Mobile and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, has released its new game. Morning will publish very soon.

Plus, Undawn isn’t just mobile or PC specific, for PC, Android and iOS will be published. In addition, players who sign up for the game starting today will have access to special rewards when the game is released.

What is Undawn?

Undawn will be a game where we play survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, living in different groups with their own rules. As a member of the Ravens’ Sanctuary In the game we play, we will fight against teams such as Clowns, Eagles, Owls and Looters.

The main goal of the game will be to survive and continue our life in this chaotic world. The homes of the survivors, our allies and all that is left of humanity, We will try to protect it with the weapons and armor we have.

In addition to standard weapons, there will be weapons with which to develop tactics, such as melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs and automatic turrets.

Different ecosystems in the game world such as dangerous plains, mines, deserts, swamps and abandoned cities. wide variety of environments will be found.

Through our journey in the open world will track the health and body indicators of our character, We have to deal with rain, heat, snow and storms.

There is also a character played by Will Smith in the game!


Trey Jones, legendary survivor of the Undawn world, Hollywood star He is played by Will Smith. Trey acts as a guide helping other people who survived the disaster.

Pre-registering with Undawn gives you access to exclusive content:

If you pre-register for Undawn from today until launch day, you’ll have access to exclusive rewards consisting of in-game currency, ammo, medicine, cosmetics and other resources. Larger in-game rewards will be available to players as the number of pre-registrations increases.

You can click this link to pre-register for Undawn.

You can access the game’s app store pages and the Steam page from the links below:

  • Steam
  • Android
  • iOS

Lightspeed Studios, one of the developers of PUBG Mobile, is handling the development of the game.

Source: Web Tekno


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