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Your respect for game developers will grow when you learn that designing doors in games is a damn process

Doors is for every artist who wants to convey his story in a fluid and striking way (filmmakers, writers, etc.) is always an important factor. Draw a door at a key point, at a nice angle, use as a metaphor You can tell a lot.

However for game developers Doors are another matter. Doors are not something we pay much attention to when playing games; we open the door and continue to experience the story. For game developers, the doors are the rasp of their lives. To find out why software developer and game developer We consulted an expert.

What are these game developers pulling out the door? Game developer response:

We can evaluate door implementation problems in two contexts: the first is the difficulty of interaction. Every object we put on a scene in game engines is actually are visual things that can be passed on. To give these objects physics, we have ‘collision’ (collision) add.

A collider represents the physical presence of the object, but they are completely independent of the image. In other words, the image of an object can be small, but the accelerator that gives it physics can be large and vice versa. So the objects you see in games The area it actually occupies differs from the image.

assassin door

In some game engines, the character’s head will go back through the door if you get too close to the door. To prevent this, the door bouncer has been made one click larger than the door image. Similar the character’s head against the collider It can’t hit the door.

When we add a door handle to this equation, it gets complicated, making the character’s interaction with the door very difficult for us developers, because the character, can’t reach the doorknob. Instead, he extends his arm to a more imaginary place. For this reason, we avoid using door handles, especially in FPS games.

A second challenge for the Gates is NPCs (non-playable characters) problem. We can think of all the rooms as a separate space and just as much as the playable characters. We also need to code NPCs. We determine the paths that the NPCs take with the system we call NavMesh, and they are constructed automatically.

NPC’s NavMesh having to go through the door from one room to another, sense the door on the way, interpret it, open the door and go to the other side is a very difficult thing in the NPC’s wing. It’s very easy for an NPC to move from one room to another without a door, but When opening the door is added to the equation, another artificial intelligence model and interpretation comes into play.

Therefore the doors;

It’s either designed to open automatically on its own, so you don’t interact at all, and when the trigger for the door detects you, it leaves the door open,

Or the door is already open, you go through it,

Either when your character approaches the door an interact button will appear, if you interact your character will enter a pre-prepared door opening animation no matter where you are and open the door by positioning accordingly (The method used in The Last of Us: Part 2 and Red Dead: Redemption 2),

Or your character interacts with the door by pushing without using the door handle, and the doors can move in either direction. (The method in GTA 4, Red Dead: Redemption and GTA 5.)

In short, you now know how difficult it is for game developers to code doors in games and what methods they have developed to overcome this difficulty. Who knows, maybe in the future it will allow us to open doors without the need for the above methods. a game engine is developed.

Source: Web Tekno


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