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New codes discovered in Netflix’s iOS app: You can use your iPhone to control games on TV

Although the Netflix games, which were first presented to Netflix viewers in November 2021, seemed too simple for many users at first, Netflix officials showed us that over the years we will see ambitious productions by successful game studios on to take.

Announcing that it will be bringing 40 new games to the platform in recent weeks, Netflix also launched its cloud gaming service. has indicated that it will be available very soon. Hints of software for use in the cloud gaming service appeared in Netflix’s iOS application today.

You can use your phone as a controller

According to the codes obtained from industry sources by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman and found by MacRumors reporter Steve Moser, Netflix can feed the games played on television into the iOS application. Allows the iPhone to be used as a controller even started integrating a system. It is currently unknown how this system, which would be necessary for the large-scale productions claimed by Netflix, works.

However, according to many people, this system is just like Steam. Steam link Like software, it transforms the phone’s screen into a digital controller, making games easy to play. We’ve also previously witnessed motion-sensitive games played with the gyroscope in similar experimental systems. Of course, these are all just theories at the moment. One thing is known, though, that we won’t be waiting too long to see these games.

Netflix spokesperson Chrissy Kelleher, who was asked about cloud services after the concrete evidence emerged, said: declined to comment on the allegations.

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