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Counter-Strike 2 announced, social media ruined: here are the first reactions

The US-based gaming giant Valve, which has long been waiting for gamers, suddenly Announced Counter Strike 2. The game, which comes to CS:GO as a free update, will be released this year. during the summer While it was said to debut, it was seen to have improvements in many aspects from maps to smoke bombs.

As it stands, the announcement of one of the most anticipated games in the world, caused the collapse of social media. Many users expressed their opinion about CS2 on social media. Some stated that they liked the incoming footage and are eagerly awaiting the update. However, there were also people who thought negatively about the game. Let’s take a look at the social media reaction to CS2.

Reactions to the game

I haven’t felt this excited since I was a kid. Thank you Gabriel”

“Anyone When CS2 Comes Out”

The part in the photo: “I don’t want to play with you (Valorant)”

It brings tears to my eyes to see the explosion clear the fog. Revolutionary”

“It looks much more visually impressive than I thought for an engine upgrade. It’s great!”

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