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Ubisoft Announces Artificial Intelligence Powered Tool “Ghostwriter”: It Will Create Texts For NPCs!

Technologies supported by artificial intelligence are starting to spread to all areas of our lives. Like ChatGPT today to artificial intelligence tools We can ask questions and have people like Midjourney draw a picture that we imagine. While AI-powered tools are so advanced, video game The days when he would enter the world were also expected. And it was expected. Ubisoft, one of the major names in the video game world, has announced a new tool that will make a close connection between artificial intelligence and video games.

Especially in open world games NPC It is possible. NPCs who tease themselves sometimes use nonsense phrases, sometimes repeat a few sentences, or simply don’t speak at all. Here is the artificial intelligence tool announced by Ubisoft »Ghost WriterThis is exactly what he’s focused on. Ghostwriter will create transcripts for NPCs in Ubisoft’s future games, giving players a more realistic experience.

Ubisoft Ghostwriter was not developed to fire copywriters! (now)

The statements about Ghostwriter, developed by La Forge, one of Ubisoft’s R&D divisions, stated that this artificial intelligence tool was not developed to fire copywriters. According to Ubisoft, Ghostwriter with the screenwriters It was developed collaboratively, allowing for the creation of both the best and most realistic texts for NPCs. The company does not allow the artificial intelligence tool to collaborate with screenwriters. will make it easier say.

Ubisoft has a lot to do with Ghostwriter’s future trusts. Looking at the statements made, we see that the artificial intelligence tool will be opened to all screenwriters in the future and thus a new page is expected to be opened in the world of video games. According to the company, Ghostwriter will be able to produce texts with unprecedented realism, which will deepen the storytelling in the games. In addition, players, as if in the game environment like real people They will begin to feel.

You can check out a demo made with Ghostwriter below

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