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Valve Announced: Counter-Strike 2 Is Officially Coming!

Recently, there was a development that captured the hearts of fans of the Counter Strike series. The game giant Valve was seen registering the name CS2. Today the expected came true.

Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2 with the videos it published from its official accounts. Information was also shared about when CS2, which is said to be offered as an update, will be released.

Counter-Strike 2 will be released in the summer as a free update to CS:GO

Valve has announced Counter-Strike 2 with three videos with different details. At the end of the videos In the summer of 2023 announced to leave. In addition, in the statement on Counter-Strike’s site, CS2’s CS: GO game Comes as a free update indicated.

Improved maps, improved smoke bombs and less lag

In the first video we see that we will see improved maps in the game using the Source 2 engine. Valve says it’s improving the iconic maps while preserving their legacy. It is also added that using Source 2 we will see realistic lighting and reflections. This makes cards available even to those who are familiar with the game. future as new is also emphasized.

Some cards are built from the ground up to take full advantage of Source 2 tools and image processing capabilities. Updates have been made for those who are already in good shape.

In the second video, we see an emphasis on smoke bombs, which are of great importance to CS players. Valve in CS2 thanks to the new game engine developed smoke bombs and it makes it dynamic. Accordingly, bombs will now be able to interact with their environment in interesting ways, reacting to light and filling in the gaps naturally. It will also be possible to influence the shapes of the fog clouds with bombs and bullets.

The third video highlights the issue of tapping speed. According to Valve, you can no longer move, shoot or throw things. tap speed doesn’t matter. This means that the delay can be eliminated.

You can export all of your CS:GO inventory to CS2

Players can transfer all of their inventory from CS:GO to CS2. These items will look even better with Source 2’s lighting and material improvements. Valve also says that in addition to supporting older models and skins, all stock weapons have been updated with high-resolution models, with some weapon skins being positively impacted by these new models .

Counter-Strike 2 is entering a limited testing period

The announcement also stated that Counter-Strike 2 was entering its limited testing period. Accordingly, certain CS:GO players will be able to participate in this process. Valve says it wants to detect bugs and issues with the game before it’s released to everyone, along with the testing process. It is also stated that the people who will participate in the process will be selected based on the playing time spent on Valve servers, the trust factor and the status of their Steam accounts.

Source: Web Tekno


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