The legendary game that stole the youth of a generation Metin 2 How did it sink?

In fact, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that Metin 2 has sunk completely because the game both on the origin server and on the PVP servers continues to be played. However, for those who remember how popular it was for a while and even played the game, the current state of Metin 2 is pretty bad.

There are many main reasons for this and we will try to cover them all in today’s content. Now this legendary game to the time when it was a true legend Let’s go on the right journey and see the moves that Metin 2 completed one by one.

In the beginning there was Metin 1, which was not known to everyone and was only available for the Asian market.

The Metin 2 style we are used to was presented to the players in this game with much simpler graphics. Although the game was highly valued in the Asian market at the time, couldn’t open up to the world. Because Ymir Entertainment, the developer of Metin 1, was a newly formed company.

After getting successful results from this game, Ymir decided to develop Metin 2 instead of opening Metin 1 to the world. In 2003 the first schematics of Metin 2 were ready and the existing player base was eagerly awaiting this game. The graphics in the game have been improved and many innovations have been added with new camera angles.

In 2004, the closed beta of Metin 2 was launched with an event in Korea.

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Metin 2 became one of the event’s favorite games. Companies from almost every country to be the publisher of the game was already in line. Players in the Asian market showed at least as much interest in this new game as the previous game.

After 2 years since its introduction, in 2006 Publication of the game passed on to Gameforge. Gameforge has taken one of the biggest initiatives in Metin 2’s growth.

Metin 2 began to open up to the world.

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The first server opened in Europe was Germany. Then it spread to other countries and at the end of a period of about 1 year, Metin 2, It can be played in 17 languages. In Turkey, it was launched in 2007 with the Turkish language option and the player managed to reach a large audience all over Europe.

After this point, the foundations of the game’s collapse began to be laid.

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The acquisition by Gameforge brought the game to the height of its popularity. But on the other side reach many players It brought problems. When we got to 2009, complaints started coming in from players. At the beginning of these complaints, errors, cheats and fraud were involved.

Everyone was a cheater in the game at the same time. Those who played the game at the time remember: “Give me that full moon sword so I can press +9” with statements like Few people have been scammed. We were afraid to open the “trade” window with another player. Of course, these were just simple scams with no cheating, and cheating was not common at the time.

Then on the news, for Metin 2: “Keep your kids away from this game!” Headlines began to appear.

Metin 2 had two different target groups. a cut; finally found the MMORPG he was looking for, it consisted of those who carve and trade spiders in the dungeon. Others just played to steal and convert it into real money. As real-life trading accounts and in-game items become more common, folks become more aggressive started.

As a result, parents began to bar their children from the game. Some players who lost their items and accounts in the game became depressed, attempted suicide, or quit the game. In Internet cafes, the police went on patrol Metin 2 and warned those who played the game.

Again towards the end of 2009, Gameforge handed over management of Metin 2 to another company due to problems with the game’s European servers: Z8 Games.


We can say that Z8 Games has done a very successful job in managing the game. The game’s bugs have largely been fixed, new graphics have been introduced, and the duels that made us all love the game have become much more important. Right on this point Names like “Edilee” started to emerge.

Engin Bilir, Edilee as we know him, was one of the most important names in the game at the time. No one can take it in the duel, minutes with the GM (game supervisor) endless USA. they were throwing. Of course, it was a great pleasure for all the actors to watch these moments. These were the times when Metin 2 players still sought and missed.

Gameforge saw the rise of the game and took back management from Z8 Games.

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From this point on, the foundations for the collapse of Metin 2 were laid. For while management is transferred to Gameforge The source code of the game has been leaked. This brought cheats that let you do everything in the game. There is still no definitive information on how the source codes were leaked, but this situation has opened up a lot for Gameforge.

People with the strongest characters on the server like Edilee Accounts started to be emptied one by one. Their items have been stolen from the game coin and even their characters have been removed. In some allegations, these transactions were even said to have been made by the officials of the game. Therefore, key players for Metin 2, such as Engin Bey, left the game.

In addition to the increase in cheats, PVP servers began to appear and the markets in the game were closed one by one.

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Also in this period, the players were almost divided into two: those who used cheats and those who did not want to lose the game. Other players had access to the money and items that the players who didn’t use cheats struggled with for hours. Of course, this was extremely annoying and the tricks were incessant. Cheats are one of the building blocks of the game. started trading.

This issue with the game’s source codes brought PVP servers to rival the original Metin 2. From this point on, Gameforge began to struggle with PVP servers and cheaters. To PVP servers promising “Original Text 2”. and scammers at play lawsuits have been filed. While the number of players on PVP servers, which offer different characters and different functions, increased, the number of players in Metin 2 continued to decrease.

After the game continued to lose blood for a while, rumors about Metin 3 started circulating.


  • Inferna released instead of Metin 3.

This naturally pleased the players who played Metin 2 for a while and couldn’t get the same taste of a game again. the developer of the game Ymir has signed a partnership with Webzen. The claims of Metin 3 flared up at this point. It was even said that the game’s character designs were ready, but unfortunately that was not expected Metin 3 was never released.

Again, according to some claims, due to the disagreements between Webzen and Ymir. Text 3 has been cancelled. In 2011, Ymir Entertainment, the developer of Metin 2, All sold to Webzen.

While the players were waiting for Metin 3, another MMORPG game called Inferna was released, but this game didn’t last either.


  • hell

The game was similar to Metin 2 in general, but while it should have been an advanced version, it couldn’t even come close to Metin 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay. So those who have played or are still playing Metin 2 for a while . players still couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Today, there is no trace left of Metin 2’s old glorious days.

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Metin 2, which was recently removed from Steam, has not been updated for years and currently is there are only a handful of players left. Players looking for an MMORPG like Metin 2 prefer PVP servers.

Unfortunately, players like me who witnessed Metin 2’s best bouts couldn’t take Metin 2’s place. Looking back; with such poor graphics and no purpose compared to today’s games this game is not filled is quite surprising, but it is clear that we all had a lot of fun with this game for a while.

So let’s finish our content with this video:

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