Coming! Valve records CS2 name

Indispensable at internet cafes in the old days Counterattack leave 1.6 to the World Offensive When we entered, everything was on a higher level in the blink of an eye. Then we waited many years for the next level of this, about the second game. Valve also avoided actions that would break our excitement in this process. (Half-Life 3 unlike what you did)

Many reliable sources Source 2 The reference to a new Counter Strike game developed with the engine was one of the developments that kept this excitement alive. Now on top of all this, Valve’s CS2 We see that he registered his name. It’s almost here.

It is not clear what exactly the product will be. But something is definitely being worked on.

In this image, where you see 4 names, there are two CS2 and two Counter Strike. One of the CS2 name registrations, online game service taken on entertainment service such as presenting. The other CS2 name is computer. game softwarestands out in the category of video games and downloadable game programs.

Counterattack their names too parallels. Because while one of these names falls into the category of gaming software and downloadable games, we can see that the other is registered in the field of online gaming service. You see at the beginning of the newsremarkable part“Like the names in different categories to be registered.

As mentioned, it is certain that new things are being worked on in the field of Counter Strike.


However, the details at hand are for commenting on the subject. quite a few. So whether there should be another new game, as a separate title or an existing game? additional package We don’t know if it will come out as a giant update or a giant update.

We will keep you posted as new details emerge. So, which one do you think would be better for the new generation of Counter Strike? Will it come out as a separate game or not DLC/update does it come as

You can browse the registered names via this link.

Source: Web Tekno


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