If It Were A Bit Comparable: 12 TV Series And Movie Characters That Have Nothing To Do With The Original Characters In The Custom Game

The cinematic quality of games now gives you the feeling that you are really experiencing a TV show or movie. However, as actors, we like to adapt the games we love to TV shows or movies.

although Assassin’s Creed, Hitman or Not charted Some manufacturing companies are learning how to adapt, but of course none of them are perfect. recently modified The Witcher and the Last of Us, the biggest examples of this, because the casting choices the producers made for some characters didn’t make many fans happy. This is for the players: “Who is this?” 12 series and movie characters that you say:

We don’t doubt her acting, but they are nothing alike: Maria – The Last of Us

Maria, who we encountered as we progressed with Ellie and Joel in the first game, and who immediately made us trust her with her strong image, will also appear in The Last of Us series. Maria, the wife of Joel’s brother Tommy, is in the game. blond, tattooed and blue eyes she was our sister.

However, HBO didn’t stick to the game by casting the character Maria in the series. As a performance, we have no doubt that Rutina Wesley will do a great job acting, but we have to admit that It has nothing to do with the Mary depicted in the game.

Mark Wahlberg is here with a role he doesn’t fit, as he has done so many times: Max Payne – Max Payne

This is perhaps the most unsuitable role for famous actor Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood’s Swiss Army Knife. Wahlberg can’t remember anything about Max Payne, the cool agent of the game world who sank into the dark world and lost everything.

How can she be related to Ciri in the series, dear producers? Fringilla – The Witcher

Aside from having a darker complexion, Mimi Ndiweni’s brown eyes don’t reflect Fringilla’s traditional green eyes at all. Fringilla’s short hair to the knee keeps up with her in-game looks, though her style is slightly different. Netflix’s costume choices are also a far cry from the character’s appearance in the game.

Fans even said that Fringilla’s character is related to Ciri and cousin to Anna Henrietta. they find it pointless to be dark-skinned in the series. they even had a Reddit discussion. However, when we talk about his role in Season 1, Fringilla fits his role in the books better than The Witcher 3.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor, but unfortunately he never landed the role: Prince – Prince of Persia

Famous Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal played the role of Prince in the film adaptation of Ubisoft’s legendary Prince of Persia series, which spawned Assassin’s Creed. Yourself great player though Unfortunately, it doesn’t reflect the Prince of Persia’s charismatic side at all…

It doesn’t matter that she looks different, it’s still heartbreaking: Sarah Miller – The Last of Us

The Last of Us series also manages to destroy us with the death of Sarah in the first episode. The daughter Joel lost when the zombie epidemic started Sarah is blonde, has blue eyes and has light skin in the game.

While the young actress Nico Parker, who plays her, is dissimilar in appearance, we are told in the plays that Sarah’s face comes across. too much innocence and with her acting in Sarah’s death scene, she blows us away just like she did in the play.

One of the rare characters that is better in the series than in the game: Jaskier/Dandelion – The Witcher

Dandelion, our merry bard in The Witcher 3, appears in a very different way in the Netflix adaptation. Not only did the producers change the character’s appearance and clothing style, and They even changed the name of the character.

However, the evolution of the Dandelion character to Jaskier in the series was a change that fans welcomed as the producers made this character great. Joey Batey, who plays the character her facial expressions and demeanor do it justice. The screenwriters have done a great job of bringing Dandelion’s extraordinary personality to the big screen.

Okay, not like him in the game, but at least if he looked a bit like his older brother Joel: Tommy Miller – The Last of Us

Tommy, who plays a big part in the game’s story, we didn’t see until the first episode of the series. We don’t know if the resemblance will increase when we see the older version in the future, but Joel’s brother Tommy, who we saw in the first episode, It doesn’t reflect his in-game status at all..

Because Tommy in the game, besides being blonde, He looks a lot like Joel in terms of his face. So you can say with certainty that they are brothers.. However, there is no resemblance between Joel Miller, played by actor Pedro Pascal, and Tommy Miller, played by Gabriel Luna.

We passed the game, it does not look like the description in the book: Triss – The Witcher

Although it does not take such a big place in the books in terms of story, Triss certainly has an important position in the eyes of the fans of the series with The Witcher 3 game. The main parts of the portrayal of Triss, one of the characters Geralt is emotionally interested in; She has red hair, yellow eyes and fair skin.

Actress Anna Shaffer plays Triss in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. He, however dark skin, curly black hair and eye color, With Triss’ image of books and games it’s so irrelevant. Sure, Triss’s hair colors in the second season of the series were red, but it still doesn’t look much like the Triss we’ve come to expect from the game.

At least she saves the outfit: Yennefer – The Witcher

Yennefer, the character Geralt is most emotionally attracted to in the book and story, is in The Witcher 3. with white skin and blue/purple eyes it’s noticable. Of course, it is not easy to capture the portrayed beauty of Yennefer in reality.

In fact, actress Anya Chalotra gives a beautiful Yennefer performance with her acting and gestures and Netflix also conveys Yennefer’s dressing very well on the show. However, as you can see from the photos, it looks nothing like the game.

Viggo Mortensen must be used in all Lord of the Rings adaptations: Aragorn – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

This is the opposite of the situation we mentioned in the title, but we still wanted to add it to the list because the game Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was released in the same year as the movie. When it came out, he told Lord of the Rings fans “I wish they would put Aragorn from the movie in the gamehe has said. Fans of Middle-earth now have Aragorn as an actor playing him. They can’t imagine performing outside of Viggo Mortensen.

Here we come, to the one most on the agenda: Ellie Williams – The Last of Us

One of the two reasons we love The Last of Us, and played by actress Ashley Johnson in the game, Ellie (the other reason, of course, is Joel) He is a character who has managed to win the love of all players with his appearance and appearance.

With the airing of the first episode of the series, 19-year-old actress Bella Ramsey, who was chosen by HBO for Ellie, what a great performance from Ellie we all witnessed it. Ramsey brings out Ellie’s fierce, survival-fighting rebel side beautifully in the game, and she definitely has an aura of her own beauty.

But we have to admit that between Ellie Williams, who we know from the game, and Ellie from Bella Ramsey. There is a big difference in appearance.

They couldn’t get Sony’s permission for Andrew Garfield’s face: Peter Parker/Spider-Man – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here is the opposite situation. While the game of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie starring Andrew Garfield released in 2014 was appreciated for its improved gameplay compared to the first game, the main flaw was the appearance of the main character, Peter Parker. Instead of the face of actor Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, because the game, which was supposedly an adaptation of the movie, couldn’t get a license from Sony. A character similar to the low-budget Nathan Drake was put in it.

Of course, as you can see, these are character differences It doesn’t always make players unhappy. In some adaptations, changes to the characters can enhance the original character and further appeal to fans.

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