Riot Games announced it had been hacked: LoL and TFT source codes leaked


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Riot Games, one of the subsidiaries of Tencent, the largest technology company in China, best known for its games such as League of Legends (LoL), Valorant and Teamfight Tactics (TFT), although it was initially popular in the Asian market, it was already quickly a hit with the whole world. most played in the world became the owner of competitive and MOBA games.

Sure, the fact that Riot Games is such a big company makes it a prime target in the eyes of hackers. Riot Games, which announced it had been hacked in recent days, explained the details of this attack in its statement today.

LoL and TFT source codes and Anti-Cheat system codes have been stolen

The gaming giant, which released a statement of 7 tweets from its official Twitter account, clarified any questions related to the attack. The company explained that the source codes of LoL, TFT and the anti-cheat system used in these two games were stolen in the analyzes performed. The company said they received a ransom email from hackers and announced that they refused to pay.

Employees of the company stated that cheats may increase in their games in the future, stating that they are working hard to prevent cheats and that the codes of some game modes have been stolen in the prototype stage. Moreover, from the moment of the announcement LoL servers are closed to access all over the world including our country.

Statement from Riot Games on the event

As we promised, we would like to inform you about the cyber-attack that happened last week. With our analysis of the weekend Source code of our LoL, TFT and anti-cheat software We found out that it was leaked by the attackers.

We received a ransom email today. We don’t have to say We will not pay.

Although this attack disrupts our systems and will cause us problems in the near future We are confident that no player’s personal information has been leaked.

Honestly revealing source codes will increase the emergence of new cheats. Since the attack, we’ve been trying to track our damage as quickly as possible and fix the vulnerabilities in our anti-cheat software.

There are some experimental features in these source codes that have been obtained illegally. We aim to make some of these game modes and other changes available to players, but most of this content is prototype and there is no guarantee that they will be published.

Our security team together with world famous consultants continues to learn the extent of the attack and monitor our systems. We have also notified the police and we are working with them to apprehend the perpetrators behind the incident.

We want to be transparent and the methods of the attackers in the near future, the points where Riot security failed, and the steps we will take to ensure that a similar situation does not happen again. We will share a report with you.

(Referring to the date of the attack) We have made a lot of progress since last week and we believe that our shortcomings will be corrected within this week. We will stick to our patch schedule going forward and we will keep LoL and TFT players on board. We will inform you about these patches.

Source: Web Tekno


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