Children under the age of 18 cannot play Fortnite Mobile (the era of spending wealth on the game is over)


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One of the most popular survival games in the world. Fortnite, facing Google and Apple over in-game payment methods. Epic Games, the team behind the game, waged a war against Apple and Google’s commission rates, and the parties began a lawsuit that has been going on since 2020. In response to Epic Games’ resentment, Google and Apple released the mobile version of Fortnite. they removed it from app stores.

Users who downloaded the mobile version of Fortnite years ago can still play the game. However unable to updateCannot switch to new seasons. The latest news shows that a new era is dawning for Fortnite Mobile. Because Fortnite Mobile is now much more dysfunctional will be.

Fortnite mobile, which has not received any updates, is now becoming an even more limited game

According to a statement from Fortnite’s support page, players who want to play Fortnite Mobile can: They must be over 18 years old. Moreover, this is not the only problem. Players can no longer spend V-Bucks in the app. According to the statement, the new era As of January 30 officially starts.

The official description of Fortnite is as follows:

As of January 30, Fortnite players using the August 2020 13.40 app build, previously available on iOS, Mac, and Google Play, will no longer be able to spend V-Bucks. They must also be over 18 to play. All versions of our games include parental controls, default purchase settings.” We want users to use the existing suite of Epic Online Services, including parental verification features. Due to Apple and Google restrictions on Fortnite, we are unable to update the app on these platforms.”

Fortnite mobile

Epic Games, Google and Apple about the new period accuses resembling. However, the truth is not like that. The company made a decision a few months ago and it is for players under a certain age. control started to implement. In this way, measures have been taken to ensure the safety of children playing. This is the reason for the limitation for Fortnite Mobile.

In the meantime; Whether Fortnite Mobile will return to the App Store or Google Play Store one day unclear let’s say. However, you can access Fortnite on a smartphone through Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, or the Samsung Galaxy Store. let’s remind.

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