17 robust games that take you to different corners of time: there’s the wild west and the French revolution…


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from history When we need to learn about different periods, written and visual resources usually come to our rescue. But besides this, what many see as just a means of entertainment. spell It can also be very helpful with issues of the past and probable/alternate history.

Mostly atmosphere In well-constructed games, we can almost enter the world of that game and experience alternate or certain points of history that we know. To see this even better, By Atilla Kabakcioglu Let’s take a look at the most important games chronologically through the chart he has prepared.

WARNING: You can see “spoilers” of games.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey begins millions of years ago. (Elderly know)

In this game based on science 10 million years we go back and we can trace the stages of evolution. Although there are certain technical flaws in the game, the producers scientific it knows how to offer an accurate atmosphere and experience.

Although set in primitive times, it feels like you’ve taken a technological leap when you move from Ancestors to Far Cry: Primal.

BC 10,000 There are certain non-historical factors in this production that take us back to the year. But you can take a look to get to know the difficulties, creatures and world of that period. Moreover, if you move on to the current Far Cry games, you probably even notice the simple weapon in your hand. wonder of the world it will sound like.

We return to ancient Greece, where civilization is now in place and works of art are viewed intensely as we are used to.

The game that brought us here Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is happening. It is possible to see many episodes in the game that do not quite match the history. However, we can say that it represents the ancient Greek environment well and is historically consistent to some extent.

Though confused due to geographic location, AC: Origins tells much later than Odyssey.

History in this game BC 49 shows the year. This coincides with the reign of the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. You can already see him in the game.

Apart from that, although the game does not offer a perfect open world, that of standard people your life and other period your tools/weapons you can see it.

We’ve seen ancient Greece thanks to AC: Odyssey. Now Ryse: Son of Rome takes us back to ancient Rome.

Actually, most of this game is because of the war in the game. outside Rome but you can browse to see the lifestyle, atmosphere, clothes and customs of the period. an enjoyable production yourself. It is worth noting that it is historically incorrect on many points.

Set in the 870s, AC: Valhalla takes players and gives them the experience of being Vikings.

In the meantime in England We can occupy settlements, see adaptations of historical characters, and obtain certain historical information, albeit not entirely accurate. In addition, the map of the game is quite large and there are different communities in different places on this map.

both Viking You can give a chance to see both 9th century lifestyle and northern lifestyle. The game also has many non-historical things to offer, but these are the subject of wider study.

Set in 1191 and in the Holy Land, the first game of Assassin’s Creed is set during the Third Crusades.

At the same time the game real events transfers it to the player in a fictional world. Returning to this game in 2023 will be difficult for many, but you can take a look to see how the events are reflected.

As we get to the year 1274, Ghost of Tsushima welcomes us:

from Japan by the Mongols during the invasion Ghost of Tsushimais a production where you can see the values, lifestyle, nature and aesthetics of that period. In addition, even putting all these historical values ​​aside, we believe it is a production that should be savored in terms of gaming culture.

Then comes A Plague Tale: Innocence. So what is the historical event here?

In the game where we can’t pay attention to the middle because of the tension of the story. to the year 1348 we return. Although it is difficult to focus, the conflict between the British and the French, of the 100 years war let’s see some of it. Apart from that, the game also offers a glimpse into the medieval way of life.

Moving on, we find AC: Black Flag, set in 1715.

Here on one side piracy As we watch it emerge, we can also witness the workings of life in cities. Meanwhile, different types of ships and islands do not leave us alone.

In the same century, we see AC: Unity, which deals with the French Revolution.

Therefore in 1789 In this game an attempt was made to represent historical buildings such as Notre Dame as realistically as possible. But apart from that; There are inconsistencies like doorknobs that haven’t been invented in that period and streets that are wider than normal.

When you ignore such details AC: Unitgives a delightful perspective on the France of the period and the way of life in it.

The jewel of the game world, Red Dead Redemption 2 allows you to experience the lifestyle of the wild west in the smallest detail:

1899 You can see the effects of urbanization and witness the conflict between the locals and those who have just set foot on the island. In addition, the disappearance cowboy lifestyle and the brutality of the American countries are also reflected in a quality way.

Moreover ‘thinnest in detail untilwe don’t want our words to be our words. If you want to see it for yourself, you can check out our related content at this link.

When we move to Mafia 1, where urbanization is fully settled, we see other problems.

This time we realize that the mafia has risen to power, corruption has reached its peak, racism continues and the gap in class discrimination has widened. The game, 1930 It offers a glimpse into America.

GTA V, on the other hand, is the game closest to the current day on the list.

Although no exact date has been given for this production, in the year the game was released, that is. in 2013 thought to have passed. It may not seem unusual to us at the moment, but one day others will find the environment of GTA 5 just as strange as we find the world of Mafia 1 equally strange. In this context, we can say that the game reflects today (or 2013) well to some extent.

Now we go to the future: in this context, Cyberpunk 2077 welcomes us with its unusual atmosphere.

In an alternate time, in 2077 and dystopian The game takes place in a future and offers you an unusual atmosphere with its detailed dialogues and living open world. A moving exit You can take a look at the game, which, despite being alive, recovers very well. A map of random events awaits you even outside the missions.

At game 2023 There are also times when we return to the year, but unfortunately we cannot visit the city here.

Finally, there’s Horizon Zero Dawn, which takes us to the year 3020, which we couldn’t even imagine at this point.

It’s not hard to see nature taking over the man-made structures in the game. But even if we don’t know what will happen next Horizon zero dawn The developers have not forgotten to stick to the originals of some famous constructions.

In addition, future technological developments in a fantasy universe presented as realistically as possible without being too exaggerated.

In addition to these, there are many more games on the list. You can access the full list here and for more information about the list, you can visit Atilla Kabakçıoğlu’s website. parts you can take a look. Don’t forget to specify the games you want to add in the comments.

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