Exciting claim for the release date of Redfall, one of the most anticipated games of 2023

Deathloop, Prey and Dishonored The release of Redfall, the first exclusive Xbox game developed by Arkane Studios, which has proven itself with such productions, has recently been postponed. The game, which is expected to release in September 2022, is Bethesda’s “Statement that he wants to release the game in the best possible wayIt has been postponed.

Since, FPS While there have been many rumors about the game in the genre, the latest claims regarding the game’s release date are quite serious and noteworthy. According to these claims, the game will be playable in May 2023.

Redfall may be entering early access

It will be FPS type. redfallIt will also be the first Xbox-only production to be produced by Arkane Studios following its acquisition by Microsoft. Redfall, which is expected to play a major role for Xbox and Microsoft player computers with Starfield in 2023, May 2023 will be on the market.

First Okami 13 According to the game’s claims, the game will be released in the first half of next year, in the first week of May. There will also be some kind of early access period for the game. This early access Forza Horizon 5As we saw in the premium version of the game, this will be in the form of being able to download and play the game a few days ago.

In Redfall, players teams of up to four He will sweat to save an island from a vampire invasion. The game, which is designed as an open-world environment, features various interesting weapons, combat options, optional stealth-based gameplay, and single game mode.

Redfall gameplay video

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