What would Elden Ring look like if it was made in 1990?

First announced at E3 in 2019, Elden Ring was presented to players in February 2022 after a long and painful wait. The game, which was very popular from the first hours, has even passed months. has never lost its popularity. The game competed against God of War Ragnarök at The Game Awards held in recent weeks and won the “Game of the Year” award.

What if Elden Ring, the best game of 2022, was released for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1990?

1990’s themed Elden Ring where you take on pixel-pixel bosses

Founded by 3 friends interested in games and animations. 64 bits With a video preparing it, the channel called “What would Elden Ring look like if it was made in the 1990s?answers the question. Classic with its graphics derived for the SNES This version shows us the world of the game with the graphics of that period, accompanied by 16-bit Elden Ring soundtracks. If some players preferred realistic graphics, it would undoubtedly win the hearts of many players, even if the game was released in the 1990s. The term Demake has the opposite meaning of Remake, which we often see today. In other words, remake means remaking old games with current technology while demake means means adapting a current game to old graphics and technology.

The 64 Bits team, who developed the animation you see, said that what is shown in the video is an animation and unfortunately is not playable states. The team claims that it would be very expensive to create a playable SNES Elden Ring copy, stating that they currently lack the resources and time for such projects.

However, a playable version of Elden Ring is also available

If you want to play a disassembled version of Elden Ring, YouTuber and game developer “shintendo“prepared Nintendo GameBoy theme You can watch the Elden Ring game. In this version he prepared, Shin only modeled Limgrave and made the game playable on both Nintendo GameBoys and the browser.

If you want to play GameBoy themed Elden Ring or download GameBoy ROM link found here you can use.

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