Rockstar’s Christmas Surprise: The Grinch Version That Beat You And Stole Your Money Added to GTA Online

As the New Year’s excitement is being experienced all over the world, the games naturally host various events to share this excitement. Games like Fortnite, Overwatch 2, while directly doing holiday specific events GTA Online added a new character to the game.

Rockstar, clearly iconic character The Grinchto the character inspired by The gooch gave his name. If you’re wandering the streets of Los Santos during New Year’s Eve, it’s useful to always be alert. On the other hand, those who can overcome The Gooch can have a lot of fun with other players.

How to Meet the Gooch

a filthy one Santa Claus Dressed as The Gooch, he also wears a colorful baboon mask. If there are at least two people on the game server, you need to be in an open area and not currently performing a task to encounter The Gooch that appears. Comes with a green smoke The Gooch attacks and knocks you down and steals some of your “snacks” with some of your coins, which you use to charge up your life in the game.

Then, as you come to yourself, The Gooch starts running away as fast as he can. The Gooch isn’t very agile, but it’s a real one run like a lung He has enough stamina. He’s not an easily knocked down character either.

Of course, if you can knock The Gooch over, you can do justice to being in the GTA and beat him up with a car. When everything he stole from you, in the form of gift wrap to lower. In fact, this pack includes an extra 25,000 GTA dollars and The Gooch mask.

After that, the players wear this mask and play against other players. they can startle. This character is quite an entertaining encounter that was clearly added to the game before Christmas. While Rockstar hasn’t yet announced how long this character will be in the game, walking around the game while you have the chance will increase your chances of encountering The Gooch.

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