The Future of ‘Affordable’ Game Pass Ad Packages Revealed: Dozens of Games for 1 Chocolate Money!

The paid game subscription system from US-based technology giant Microsoft Xbox game passcame with a remarkable development. According to a post on ResetEra, one of the popular forums of the video game world, Microsoft has released players for Xbox Game Pass. will please make some plans.

Online subscription programs have become increasingly popular lately. Gamers who don’t want to buy separately for games, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation PlusBy subscribing to services such as , Ubisoft+ or EA Play, they have the opportunity to access countless games without paying extra. The latest news from the Microsoft front is for Xbox Game Pass. a new subscription level It shows what is planned.

Xbox Game Pass can offer an ad subscription package just like Netflix!

According to a post shared on ResetEra, Microsoft said: “Game Pass LiteIt is conducting market research on a new subscription tier called “. This new subscription tier will be cheaper than other packages. limits will also present. These restrictions look like this:

  • First-party Xbox games, at release 6 months later It will be added to Game Pass.
  • Cloud support will not be offered.
  • Before starting a game ad is displayed.

The most notable situation in these restrictions will be displayed before you enter the game. ads. Here are some unknowns. So much so that players will see ads about the video game world here? Otherwise, advertisements in alternative categories such as e-commerce and cinema will also be included in the new subscription package called Game Pass Lite.

So how much does Game Pass Lite cost?

Game pass

Leaving aside the limitations of Game Pass Lite; The players who purchased this subscription pack can download the games, that they can play online We see. Here is the subscription package that allegedly offers these features on a monthly basis. 2.99 euros can be used in exchange.

Let’s make the pricing of 2.99 euros more understandable than in Germany. Xbox game pass Germany We see that a monthly payment of 9.99 euros for the PC and console version and 12.99 euros per month for the Ultimate package is required. 70 percent of Game Pass Lite from the PC and console versions and from the Ultimate version 77 percent We can say that it will be cheaper. This will please many players.

Since the Game Pass Ultimate version in Turkey has a price of 45 TL, we can predict that the Game Pass Lite will have a price of around 10 TL. Of course, if Microsoft doesn’t update the Game Pass rate with the arrival of the ‘Lite’ package…

Source: Web Tekno


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