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VALORANT is coming to PlayStation and Xbox! (But you still have to wait)

Sitting in the leading seat of today’s competitive gaming world Riot gamescame today with great news. The company has placed an advertisement on the ‘Hitmarker’ platform, which offers job opportunities for the gaming and e-sports industry.

Directly the advertisement in questionGame Design Manager, Console – VALORANT‘ was the title. The announcement also revealed Riot Games’ plan. It has been officially announced that the console version of VALORANT is being developed.

The console version of VALORANT is coming!

Riot Games stated that the person to be appointed in the job posting published 6 days ago is VALORANT will be responsible for bringing it to consoles in a healthy way. shared. This person is responsible for making the game playable on gamepads and works under the project’s lead designer.

So, when is VALORANT coming to consoles?

There is currently no answer to this question. In fact, the name PlayStation or Xbox is not clearly stated in the job posting. But given that the team has just started collecting for the project, we did We assume a period of at least one year. Of course, this can vary depending on which consoles Riot develops for.

While Riot Games has announced that the game will be coming to consoles, it hasn’t specified if it will be PlayStation and Xbox only, or if it will come to other consoles like Switch and Steam Deck. Therefore, while we’ve learned that VALORANT will be coming to consoles at this point, we don’t have much information other than that.

Source: Web Tekno


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