Best games of the year announced: these are the winners of the ‘Golden Joystick Awards 2022’


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One of the world’s most important video game awards,”Golden Joystick“The 40th of the year was held. This is how the best games of 2022 were determined. In this news, Golden Joystick 2022 to the winners We’ll take a closer look.

Looking at the announced results, we see that the prize winners are not surprising to many players. Launched early 2022 Elder ring, as expected, is reward saturated. Moreover, the cat simulation game that made a big impression at the time of its release. Strayed It also won an important award. Let’s see all the results together.

Golden Joystick 2022 winners:

Best Game of the Year: Elden Ring

In the context of Golden Joystick 2022, best game of the year price Elder ringwent to The RPG game takes place in a fantastic world and managed to impress all players with both single player and multiplayer modes. Elden Ring, next door best visual design, best multiplayer game and the game that was the critics’ choice was also awarded prizes.

Best PlayStation Game of the Year: Stray

Published in the not too distant past Strayedyou gave birth to a cat simulation it was a game. The game that followed millions, because it drives real cats and dogs crazy It was also on the agenda on social media.

Best PC Game of the Year: Return to Monkey Island

production in one company Return to Monkey IslandThe last game in the Monkey Island game series. The adventurous game also attracts attention with its nice graphics.

Best Xbox Game of the Year: Grounded

Grounded, a game you can play with your friends, is actually a game. survival game. However, this game has an important difference from its counterparts. Your characters are the size of an ant. The game also has Turkish subtitles and Turkish menu support.

Best Indie Developer Game of the Year: Cult of the Lamb

Players who enjoy playing games prepared by independent developers should definitely check this game out. Cult of the Lamb with beautiful graphics takes you from adventure to adventure.

Other prizes awarded in Golden Joystick 2022:

Best story Horizon Forbidden West
Best still playability Genshin effect
Best Game Studio of the Year Van Software (Elden Ring)
The best DLC Cuphead: The delicious final course
The best early access game Slime Rancher 2
best sound Metal: Hellsinger
best trailer Goat Simulator 3 (announcement trailer)
best community FinalFantasy 14
best hardware Steam deck
The most groundbreaking game Vampire survivors
best performance Manon Gage (Marissa Marcel, Immortality)
Nintendo Game of the Year Pokémon Legends Arceus
Most wanted game Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Web Tekno

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