EA signs agreement with Marvel and Disney: 3 new Marvel games are coming, including Iron Man!

last month, miracle The future of a game from Iron Man, one of the most beloved cartoon characters and appearing on the big screen countless times, has been officially announced. one of the largest companies in the world Electronic Art (EA) While stating that he is working on the highly anticipated production, Iron Man stated that the game will be developed by Motive Studio. It was also said that the production, which is currently in an earlier stage, will make players feel like they are the beloved character.

Following this news, there was talk of what other games will be coming in partnership with EA and Marvel. An important development has taken place in this regard today. As reported by Bloomberg, EA has finally started revealing details about its partnership with Disney and Marvel.

EA releases 3 new Marvel games

Accordingly, with EA, Disney and Marvel signed a three-game deal. We know that the first of these games is Iron Man, which was announced last month. Announcing Iron Man, whose EA release date is not yet known, EA said this game marks the start of a long-standing partnership with Marvel and is the first of several new games to be released. This gave some sort of signals that new games would come out. Today, these games have been officially confirmed.

There is no information yet on the plot, characters or release date of the other two games. But Disney and EA, an original story set in the Marvel universe of each of these gamesHe says he will have it. There is a possibility that one of them is an open world Black Panther game that has been rumored for the past few months. That claim, made by author Jeff Grubb, revealed that the game could be published by EA. There is no official statement about the Black Panther game; good it might not be real Let’s emphasize again.

Electronic Arts, formerly Star Wars It also partnered with Disney-owned Lucasfilm for its games. This partnership allowed games like Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which were very successful, to meet us. Therefore, we can guess that the giant game company can follow a similar path for Marvel and gather its fan base.

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