FIFA 23’s ‘World Cup’ Mode Officially Introduced: It Will Be Like The Real Tournament

Electronic Arts, one of the largest game studios in the world, since 1994 With its new FIFA game almost every year, it keeps the throne in the hearts of football-loving players. So much so that the FIFA series is in the Guinness Book of Records. It is the world’s best-selling sports game..

The World Cup mode, which has been released in recent months and is expected to appear in FIFA 23, the latest game in the series, We shared with you that it was leaked. Today, this long-awaited mode has finally been officially introduced.

You will be able to play the real fixture

A lot of information about the new World Cup mode was shared in the promotional video shared by EA. Most notable of this information is the game’s actual World Cup teams and be playable with real fixtures. Players will play the group stage of the World Cup between November 21 and December 18. can play in real time. You can compete alone against the artificial intelligence, or you can play with the team of the country you choose in multiplayer. You will also be able to play with your opponent team according to the match..

On the other hand, EA officials who give users freedom, if they want to, replay old games He also states that the trophy can change his fate. Given the players of the countries whose national team could not participate in the World Cup, the officials decided to participate in the tournament. It is possible to add 15 additional teams. and announced that a new match can be made with these teams.

New cards are also added to the game

In addition to the World Cup, EA released 30 “games” on the day this tournament mode became available to players.World Cup HeroesHe will also hand the FUT card to the players. All these cards are themed “Hero” and only available during the World Cup. Also on the day the quarter-finals started,”World Cup FUT PhenomenaIt has been announced that a FUT deck called “” will also be released.

Of course, the additions to the game are not limited to these. EA officials have announced that new modes will be added to the game between November 11 and December 23, with the exception of the World Cup, and that the final match will be held in Qatar. Lusail Stadium two stadiums, including: special speaker voice-overs for the World Cupcutscenes, It was announced that cheers and goals will also be added..

The World Cup mode will be updated on November 9. It will be available for free to FIFA 23 owners.

Source: Web Tekno


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