Tiny Football, The Football Game You Will Have Fun On Pixel Pixel Screen Release Date Has Been Announced [Video]

Known as the team behind legendary games such as Civilization and Falcon, which have been in the industry since the early 1980s. MicroProsebeen working on a new game for a while. “small footballThis game, called “, is built on the basis of a football game, yet it is very different from the eFootball and FIFA series. Let’s take a closer look at this game together.

Nov 15, 2022 Available today on Steam, Tiny Football will take all gamers back to the 90’s. Because the game’s graphics are now similar to those designed for arcades that have been removed from the dusty shelves of history. But don’t let this fool you; are playing enjoyable it has a side. The trailer, released in the last few hours, shows off in full what the game has to offer.

You will have hours of fun with your friends!

Tiny Football has single and multiplayer game modes. So users; from 64 teams By choosing one, they can play alone or with their friends. Besides; Of the 64 teams in question, both clubs and some countries national teams Let me tell you there is.

All the dynamics of football are in the game. In this context; fouls, penalties, free kicks and goal celebrations Every football item you can think of, such as Tiny Football, is available. The GIF above is even the goal celebration in the game product of labor it appears as .

System Requirements for Tiny Football:


Processor Intel Core i3
Memory 2GB RAM
Storage 200MB
OS Windows 7 and above

As you can see in the table above; small football it will tire your computer it’s not a game. The game, which doesn’t even require a video card, is a production that can run on all computers.

small soccer game

Small football price:

What will be the price of MicroProse’s soccer game, which will be released in early access on November 15, 2022? unknown for now. However, the game is expected to have a price that any player can easily buy. Tiny Football Steam Page from here you can reach.

Tiny Football Trailer:

Source: Web Tekno


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