Ubisoft Said “Stadia Games Are Coming To PC”, Gamers Revolt: Would We Buy Stadia If We Had A Gaming PC?


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In a news we shared with you a few days ago, the US-based tech giant says googleWe talked about a decision by Stadia, the cloud gaming service. Saying that Stadia has not reached the desired level, the company said that as of January 18, 2023 Google disconnects Stadia explained. The fees paid for the service would also be refunded. Now about this a new improvement it happened.

One of the companies partnering with Google Stadia is one of the leading names in the industry. Ubisoftit. The company opened some of its games for access through Stadia instead of PCs. The fact that Google Stadia is being discontinued, the company’s Google Stadia Ubisoft+ immediately interrupted his service. Ubisoft officials, who issued a statement on the subject, said the services on Google Stadia To go to PC They announced that they were going to take action.

Ubisoft’s decision drew the reaction of the players!

No powerful PC or console was needed to access the Google Stadia service. All it takes to take advantage of this service is, was the internet. High-quality images required a large TV with a resolution of at least 1080p. In other words, Google Stadia users generally didn’t have a good PC or game console. As such, some internet users have taken Ubisoft’s decision. they responded. Players want their money back.

Some of the correct responses from the players are as follows:


I don’t have a computer. I want my money back for all the products I bought…

Twitter criticism

But what about those who prefer Google Stadia as an alternative because they can’t get a player computer? Will there be refunds for people who can’t buy a PC from now on?

Ubisoft’s explanation of what will happen after Google Stadia closes in the future he said he would. It is therefore not clear for the time being what awaits the players. At the moment, however, players criticizing Ubisoft’s decision to switch to PC they are right must say. After all, why would players with a powerful game computer or game console need Google Stadia?

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