Hacker leaks GTA 6 images and reveals how much money has been spent ‘so far’


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The development work of GTA V, which was released in 2013, ended in recent weeks and a few days later the biggest leak in the history of the game took place. Rockstar Games is known to be in development for a long time. Gameplay footage of GTA 6 in development shared.

While the world-renowned member of the hacker group Lapsus$ believed to be responsible for this leak was recently arrested, new information has emerged today. In recent days, the messages that the hacker wrote to the person who contacted him have been shared. These posts also showed the money Rockstar spent on the game.

Claim: Rockstar has spent $2 billion on GTA 6 since 2014:

According to the hacker’s reports, Rockstar has decided to continue developing GTA 6. He has spent an insane amount of money since 2014, such as $2 billion. In addition, the hacker had also attached statements showing that he did not only have access to Rockstar Games.

hacker, KonéBrazil-based bank Banco do BrasilRockstar’s roofing company Take2Games and meal delivery service to DoorDash He said he had access. However, he also claimed to have access to the UK-based digital bank Revolut. Revolut shared a statement confirming it had been hacked 4 days after the hacker’s message, announcing that the personal data of 0.16% of 20 million third-party customers had been accessed, but no action was taken from this point on. accounts.

It is worth noting that the statements in question are hacker’s rhetoric and bear the character of an accusation. While it is not certain whether the hacker actually had access to this information, his arrest does not mean that this information is correct.

So who is this hacker?

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