Music arrived before the match: FIFA 23 songs have been announced


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FIFA’s latest game that football fans are eagerly awaiting from FIFA 23 It is still days before release. Developed by Electronic Arts’ sub-brand EA Sports, FIFA 23 September 30, 2022 It will be released on the date and will meet with those who are waiting.

A lot of information has been shared lately, from the game dynamics to the best football players about the game that we are eagerly waiting for. A curious subject is of course that which is of great importance for a good FIFA game. they were music. Now there is a pleasant development in this regard. Popular music platform Spotify brought us the official FIFA 23 soundtrack as part of its partnership with EA.

Here is the soundtrack of FIFA 23

Spotify has released the official FIFA 23 soundtrack list on the platform. on Spotify’Official FIFA 23 Soundtrack‘, the list of 95 songs published under the name ‘, stood out the works of many world-famous artists from different genres. The list showed that those who play the game will have a satisfying music experience.

Spotify’s playlist for the game to the link here access by clicking.

Spotify also shared FIFA fans’ preferences on the platform

In addition to the game’s music, Spotify also recorded data on FIFA enthusiasts’ preferences on the platform. According to the data, the most popular song among FIFA 23 soundtracks was released in collaboration with Bad Bunny and Bomba Estereo and has been listened to over 500 million times on Spotify. ‘O jitos Lindos’ turned out to be. Also with FIFA in his name 423.318 It says that the playlist is also on Spotify.

In addition, the Sweden-based platform also brought us information such as the most listened to songs in Turkey and around the world on the FIFA 23 list, and the countries with the most FIFA themed playlists on the platform. Let’s watch them together.

The five most listened to songs in Turkey from FIFA 23 soundtracks

  • Obsessed With You – Central Cee
  • Ojitos Lindos – Bad Bunny, Bomb Estereo
  • Nail Tech – Jack Harlow
  • Fils de joie – Stromae

The five most-streamed songs of FIFA 23 soundtracks worldwide

  • Ojitos Lindos – Bad Bunny, Bomb Ester
  • Obsessed With You – Central Cee
  • Ahora y Siempre – Linton, Quevedo
  • Nail Tech – Jack Harlow

The five countries with the most FIFA playlists

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Spain

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