Logitech Introduces Portable Game Console: PlayStation Quality Games at Your Fingertips!


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First in the game world Nintendo Game Boy Portable game consoles, which for a while came up with Sony’s PSP and PlayStation Vita and had no success, suddenly attracted attention with the release of Nintendo’s Switch console, which is seen as the “Modern Gameboy”, in 2017.

Valve, which is trying to offer a real competitor to Switch, which despite its superior performance has a limited game library, steam deck called this year’s “portable game console” It went on sale in February. Now Logitech offers something similar to the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, but with very different functionality. Logitech G Cloud introduced its portable console. So what makes this console different from its competitors?

First console focused on cloud gaming

Looking at the technical specifications of Logitech G Cloud, it is It’s a console looking android tablet we notice. This device, whose main target audience is gamers using cloud gaming systems like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now, is drawing attention with what it can do.

Very similar to the Steam Deck at first glance, this device is available with both Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now systems as a result of Logitech’s special agreement with Xbox and NVIDIA. fully compatible way it works. This device, which has a 7-inch 1080P display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 720Gtakes from. until 12 o’clock cloud gaming service, this little beast has 4 GB of RAM and 64GB storage appears with. This console with WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, USB Type C input, headphone jack, stereo speaker and microphone, weighs only 463 grams.

Since it is Android, it is compatible with almost all games on the Play Store and with third-party software. You can also connect to your computer or console remotely. This console is especially suitable for those who have a powerful console or computer at home and who want to continue playing outside. It appeals to users who want to take advantage of cloud systems and continue to enjoy the game outdoors..

G Cloud, the first portable console for cloud gamers, launched for the first time in October in the US and Canada $299 (5,480 TL excluding taxes) will be offered for sale with a price tag. After the first sale of the device in other countries $349 It is intended to be put up for sale with a price tag (6,397 TL excluding taxes).

Editor’s opinion

Especially for gamers who use cloud services at home with old computers or mobile phones. It will be able to provide the closest experience to the Steam Deck or Switch. The biggest drawback of this device is, of course, the price. I think in our country In the 8,000 TL band The device, which will be on offer, currently has many alternatives.

For example, you currently have something between 7,000 and 9,000 TL. You can get Xbox Series S . to get or you can get a tablet + Xbox controller for a lot less. But if you are a gamer who has experienced Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck and loved that convenience and you have the budget, Logitech G Cloud It is certainly a device that you can give a shot.

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