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GTA 6 leaks are driving fans crazy: They’ve unveiled a new ‘Vice City’ map, which will be out for days

The world of video games is GTA 6 He was very excited about the leak. So much so that the game that has been eagerly anticipated for years is now coming, and even the players, first images of this game they had reached. However, this excitement was short-lived. Explain that the leaked data is correct Rockstar Gamesstarted a copyright war for every image that fell on the internet and was successful in this war.

However, this was not enough to stop GTA fans. Because the fans who slept with GTA got together and said that the upcoming GTA 6 of the map They thought about what it might look like. Starting on the basis of Vice City, game enthusiasts began mapping GTA 6 by combining the information they had with Google Earth. Besides, even if it’s half won’t be bad a job is out.

Here’s the fan-made map of GTA 6

The map you see above, “Church of GTACreated by a fan with the username ” and it’s still expanding. By the way, don’t assume the card belongs to one person. To create this image disagreementThere are dozens of people inside. GTA fans are pushing all boundaries to reveal the final version of the map, using math and leaks. Moreover On the website called GTA 6 a topic was opened in which the map was discussed.

A similar work was done for GTA 5: And yes, they were successful …

If you think the battle for GTA 6 is out of place, you’re wrong. Because GTA fans, After GTA 5 was announced They also did a similar study. The players, who took the trailer, promotional videos and screenshots shared by Rockstar Games, created a GTA 5 map with the information they obtained. Agree what did it look like?

The map created by GTA 5 fans was as follows:

GTA 5 fan-made map

*The original size and quality of the photo from here you can reach.

When the work for GTA 6 was done for GTA 5 years ago today 99 percent consistent results has given. Therefore, the map work for GTA 6 is expected to produce realistic results. When the work is done, we’ll see how big the map of GTA 6 will be. We will see

The actual map of GTA 5 looked like this:

GTA 5 maps

Everything we can learn about GTA 6 about the leak:

Source: Web Tekno


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