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PlayStation 5 design claimed to change: disc drive goes, but not in digital edition …

The new game console released by the Japanese tech giant Sony a few years ago Playstation 5 An important development has taken place. According to statements from sources close to the company who prefer to remain anonymous, Sony is planning major changes to the design of PlayStation 5. According to the allegations, the new design will be produced and sold in the future. single model will be. In other words, the distinction between ‘digital version’ and ‘normal version’ disappears.

Sony is reportedly not planning any hardware changes for the PlayStation 5. So even if the design changes hardware stays the same. Sources close to Sony state that the new model will hit the market in September 2023 and will be permanent. So Sony, for the PlayStation 5 what a design change are you planning?

PlayStation 5 may come with an external disk reader!

According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, Sony has put the disc reader in the console. not- continues to work on a PlayStation 5. You can think of this design as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which currently does not have a disc slot. However, Sony engineers have installed a new insert on the back of the console. USB Type-C They will place the harbor. This port allows the PlayStation 5’s external disk reader to work. So players can only use this external equipment if they want to play the game on the disc. they will snare.

To make such a design change, the inside of the game console free space will increase resources. This may make the PlayStation 5 even lighter and smaller. The minor design changes made so far have made the PlayStation 5 even smaller. The new update will also confirm the same result. Finally; It is said that Sony plans to produce 18.5 million consoles by 2023, of which 12 million have been ordered. If this statement is true, in 2023, 6.5 million units PlayStation 5 with a new design is produced and presented to the players.

Source: Web Tekno


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